Love Love Love

I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!


Potty training

So, when we started this whole potty training thing, I did not realize that potty training and poopoo training were two totally separate things. I thought they went hand in hand. But with Lorelli, apparently they do not. We have pretty much got the peepee in the potty thing DOWN PAT. But # 2 in the I have decided that panties are really not that expensive and the ones that she poops in can actually just get thrown in the trash. Does that make me a horrible mother? I hope not. Does it make me a big, I don't think so. It does make me less likely to vomit, though, and that is worth throwing a couple pairs of panties away.

Just thought that I would share what kind of things are going in in my household on my 2nd vaca for March! :-)


baby shaking syndrome

Sometimes two year olds can be so freaking difficult. Today my daughter has pushed every button that I have. I know that's what two year olds are known to do, but I never expected MY two year old to do it. Not at all. She colored on the table with her markers. She colored on the trash can. She went peepee in her diaper while standing IN the bathroom. She threw a fit while we were looking at houses. She FARTED and laughed about it. She ignored me when I told her to do things. YIKES!!!!

But, on the flipside...we found an awesome house today. It is 3 bedroom, with 2 and 1/2 baths. It is a split floor plan. When you come in the front door you are in the living room. When you go down half a flight of stairs you are in the kitchen/dining room, which houses the laundry room, the door to the back yard, and the door to the garage. The garage is the part that sold him on the house. It is heated, has indoor/outdoor carpet, has already been run for cable, and has built in shelving. Then, from the living room, you go up a full flight of stairs and you are in the hallway for the three bedrooms. The two secondary bedrooms are a pretty good size. I believe they all have ceiling fans in them. The master bedroom has two closets. Neither of them are very large, but they are big enough. There is a full bathroom in the master bedroom as well. All in all, the house is really great and I think that it will definitely fit our needs. Check it out if you want....

So, I have been on my 2nd vaca in a series of three in two months. We have tons of chores that we are planning on doing, but decided not to start the chores today. We looked at houses, as you can see from above we found one. Tomorrow, we will start the chores. Oh...I did forget...Ivacuumed the whole front end of the house...that's a little bit of the chore list knocked out.


Boyfriends can be dumb, most of the time my boyfriend is pretty awesome. Sometimes, though, he is a big dummy. I know what you are thinking...most guys are. I know this. Trust me, I know this. It's just that sometimes I am very sensitive and I get my feelings hurt. Not too often do I get my feelings hurt, but believe it or not, it does happen. Take the week that I got back from vacation. (That was last week for those of you that have trouble keeping up with my ramblings.) Well, Monday night when he picked us up, he took us to my favorite restaurant out here, Chow Baby. It was yummy. I do have to say that my strawberry martini was quite strong, especially after my very yummy pomegranate martini on the airplane. :-) Monday night was nice. He teased me about missing me. He confessed missing me "a little bit." The only downside was that there was no booty time because Little Miss Lorelli decided that she had gotten used to sleeping with Mommy and she wanted to sleep with Mommy that night.

Tuesday night we stopped over at Tay's house and hung out with her and Chris for a while. Lorelli had been missing her friend., and he had been missing her. We only stayed for a little while because Little Mister Chris had a cold or something and we didn't want Lorelli to get sick. Especially after all the sick we went through with her while we were on vacation.

Wednesday night , we had the apartment to ourselves because I got off so late that he babysitters offered to keep Lorelli. You would think I would have gotten my booty time, right? NOOOO. I tried to be all sweet with him and messing with him and rubbing on him, but his tummy was hurting at first. Finally, after he started feeling better I thought it was finally my turn. Nope. I finally went to bed around 10:30 or 11:00. I don't even know when he came to bed.

Thursday night, he went with his friend to get her nipples pierced. Did I complain? No. Was I irritated and a little uncomfortable with his decision? Yes. Did I cop an attitude the size of Antarctica? Yes. When he came home after that ANOTHER friend called him around 10 or 11 to invite him out to have a few drinks...He went. I figured he would be home around1 or 2....Nope, he came home at 4. And then had the nerve to ask me if I was upset with him. Gggrrrr... But I told him yes I was and why I was...mostly that included everything that had happened since I got home on Monday.

Finally, he figured out where I was coming from and that I was having one of my sensitive times and he apologized . I think that he tried to tell me he loves me in his own special retarded way. It went something like this, "You know how I feel about you, I just don't say it."

Oh well. I like him a little and most of the time he is awesome, like I said. Its just that sometimes I think he needs to revisit Boyfriend School. hehehehe


Been a while

Ok....I was good at writing for a couple days...I will be better now. A lot has happened since I got home. So...where to start...

Well, we made it home from vacation just fine. Lorelli did not feel well the whole rest of vaca after getting sick on Thursday. She had yuckiness from the other end the rest of vaca. But that is not any fun to hear moving on....

Friday night I went out with a few friends from when I worked in the Arlington store. Some of my friends stood me up, but I am not angry. They just obviously didn't want to see me. (I am just kidding. I am not usually that sensitive or anything. I just have sensitive moments when dealing with certain times, if you know what I mean.) But the most important part is that we had fun. We shared old stories. We laughed a lot. We drank, but not too much. And we just kinda chilled and relaxed. That seemed to be the theme for this trip...chilling and relaxing.

Saturday night I went to Mexican Inn with some friends from high school. I had to bring Lorelli along because she was not feeling well and she was really missing her mommy. It ended up being somewhat of an oboe reunion, actually, which it was not meant to be. But it was fun nonetheless. Pregnant Lori was awesome to see. She looks so happy and content. I am so excited for her to become a mother. Sarah and David looked incredible as one would expect them to because that's just how they do. Probably the person I was most excited to see was Tina. I can not believe that I am finally back in contact with her after all these years. It was so awesome to see her. The others were wonderful to come and I enjoyed all of their presence and conversation and everything...but I just recently got back in contact with Tina and so it was especially nice to see her. Once again there were to stories to share...but this time it was not so much about the old times, but rather about what we have all been up to. It was fun to hear what everyone has been doing. Eventually that, too, had to end.

Let's see....what else...I went to visit my godmother and show off my crazy kiddo. She was pretty good...but she had not had a nap as I thought our day was going to be starting a lot earlier than it did, but despite that she was not horrible. A little cranky, but that is to be expected. I had to cancel dinner with Benjamin because Lorelli still was not feeling well and I didn't want Sophie to get sick. And I also had to cancel because Mom was being UBER-difficult. It is ok, though. There is always next time.

That was pretty much it for my vaca. Monday we got up and had breakfast...packed...showered...and went to the airport. Nothing too exciting. Lorelli was excellent in the airport and on the plane, thank goodness. She watched a movie and watched outside her window. I had a yummy pomegranate martini. We landed and my wonderful boyfriend picked us up and took us to our favorite restaurant out here: Chow Baby.

I came directly back to work te next day to prepare for a home office visit, which I scored very high praise from. We scored almost 5 points over the visit from last time...That does not sound like much...but it is a lot when you go from a sub-par 89 to a pretty sound 93.93%. There is definitely still room for improvement, though.

And then, of course, (guys don't read) since I skipped my monthly visit from my Auntie in February she decided to come extra early this month and made her appearance known my SECOND day back. Or maybe she just decided to come EXTRA late. However you want to look at it, that is what happened.

So, there you have it. I have a bit more to write about my crazy sometimes retarded boyfriend...but that will have to come later. BYEBYE! In the meanwhile, here are some pictures from vaca.

I put Lorelli's earrings back in her ears and she is in love with them.

It was soooo cold outside and Lorelli wanted to play and slide and swing.

This is after playing allll day.


Day 3

Weeeelll...I am almost all the way through the 3rd day of my vacation and today did not go near like I thought that it was going to. I was going to get up and go with my bestest friend to get her eyeglasses fixed. *CHECK* I needed to stop by Razzoo's to check on tomorrow night's plans. *CHECK* I wanted to go by the Arlington Fry's to see a few friends and talk to them about tomorrow night's plans. *CHECK* I absolutely HAD TO go to my FAVORITE restaurant EVER, Ton's Mongolian Grill. *CHECK CHECK* I had plans to go hang out with my friends/former associates. *no check* I was going to go to dinner with my good friend, Ryan. *no check*

What did happen that was NOT on the list was my daughter going Problem Child on me and vomit all on her dinner plate and all over the table. It was so sad and I felt so bad for her. And it didn't seem like it was ever going to stop, poor little babay.When she finally did calm down and stop losing not only her lunch, but her breakfast and her midday snack as well, I got her into the bathroom and washed off. The poor little thing says, "Mommy, I need to potty." And she ACTUALLY WENT POTTY!!!! The whole rest of the day all she said to everyone was that she was sick and she spilled on her plate.

Another thing that was not on my list of things to do was having my bestest friend have to pay for lunch because my credit card was declined. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! I will get her back, though. I will get her dinner on Saturday night when we go out.

And yet another thing that was not on my list of things to do today was a massive amount of VERY cold rain and some snow and sleet. I knew it was supposed to be cooold, but I was unaware of the precipitation levels until after I got here. Guess I should pay a little more attention to the weather reports, huh? My bad.

But....good things do come even though they were disguised as negatives. My baby got to take a 4 hour nap, which she really needed. I got to spend some awesome, plain old chill time with my best friend. We just chatted with each other about family, old friends, some new friends. Things that we don't get to do hardly ever because we both have such very busy lives.



It is nice not to have to wake up in the morning. We woke up early this morning and had some cereal and some juice and watched a little bit of TV. Then...when little miss cranky pants decided to be be a booger we decided to go back to bed and rest some more. We slept for two more hours and it was GREAT!!!! Since the nap, she has been a little bit better. She is still being kind of ornery, but not near as much as she would have been.

This evening we are going to go to dinner with a good friend of mine and his VERY pregnant girlfriend. I am rather excited to meet her. And also excited to see him. I have not seen Ryan in several years and it will be awesome to see him.

I am seeing so many people this vacation that I have not seen in a very long time. It is so exciting. People from high school. People I used to work with. EVEN people from middle school. People that I have been able to get in contact with again becauseof MySpace. I never thought I would have been able to get stay in contact with so many people after such a long time. It has been wonderful to chat with them and email them and keep in touch.



I am back home again. This time feels different, though. Not different bad, nor different good. Just different. I'll have to wade through it to see why....I'm not quite sure yet.

I got in last night and it was snowing....I come from 77 degree weather in Georgia and get off the plane to SNOW! And it was just in the 70s the DAY BEFORE out here. Crazy Texas weather. You never know what you're going to get out here until you walk out the door.

I get to go get my baby today...I have missed her. She has been out here with her daddy since Friday and I have missed her terribly. Even though it has really been no different than her being at her daddy's for the weekend it actually has been different than her being at her daddy's because she has been in Texas and she has been too busy to talk to her mommy and she has not been 25 miles away she has been 835 miles away. But today ends all that.

Speaking of I'm not having one....NO WAY JO-SAY....but Lindsay had hers. He is a cutie pie. Caleb Micah Fearson. Born at 9:34 Saturday evening. He was a very big 8 lbs 14 ounces and a whopping 21" long. I did not get to meet him until Sunday because he was born so late, but that is okay...I have a lot of time to play with him and get to know him and everything. I will be going over there with Lorelli to continue our new Friday traditions of hanging out with Nini. Lorelli looks forward to them, as do Lindsay and I. Its nice having one of my off days be with my daughter. I get to spend all day with her and we get to do whatever we want. And usually hanging out with Lindsay is what we want.