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I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!


Catch up

So, a lot has gone on in my life lately...Let's start with my new hair color..its awesome. My hair chick apparently couldn't make it to my house anytime in the last THREE weeks like she had PROMISED she would be able to. But that's ok. I colored it myself. And I did a damn good job if I do say so myself. The color is Pomegranate and it is beautiful.

Next - well not really next in the ACTUAL sense of the word, but the next topic is...Lorelli is 3 years old. I know she has been for quite some time now. I am a bad blogger. SORRY. I go through phases where I want to blog everything. And I go through phases where I don't want to DO anything. But, my little baby is 3. Its unbelievable. Her daddy told me about their conversation in the car today. It went as follows.
Lorelli: Daddy whats that sound?
Daddy : Its my car baby
L: I think its a helicopter.
D: No baby, its my car.
L: Nooooo daddy, its a helicopter.
D: Actually, its my car
L: Actually, its a helicopter
D: I'm pretty sure its my car
L: No, I am PRETTY SURE its a helicopter
D: Sorry to disappoint you but that sound is my car
L: Sorry to disappoint YOU but that is a helicopter
D: I am 100% sure that its my car

That is just too funny. When he was telling me about it I was laughing so hard I got tears in my eyes. That little girl cracks me up. She can say the funniest things sometimes. She got mad at me the other day because I put her in timeout and made her sit there quite a long time because she hit the little boy (18 mos old) who is staying with us, WITH A TOY SHOVEL!!! She was crying and wiping her eyes and she looked at me and said, "I WANT MY DADDYYYYYYYY!!!!!" She has never said that to me before. I thought that the first time that SHE did say it, that I would be crushed and heartbroken, but I was fine. In fact, I kinda wanted to laugh. But I didn't. But it was a little funny. She thinks that she is such a little grown-up. And she is so girly. And such a diva. Check out these crazy pictures.

I finally got a job. It is rather low paying compared to what I am used to. But I am no longer in retail. I work for a company that is actually doing some good in the community. The company is called Square1Art. They do fundraising for schools. Basically, Little Johnny goes to Basictown Elementary School, he and his whole class draw masterpieces and send them into my company. We then put their masterpiece on collectible items like t-shirts, coffee mugs, potholders, totebags, and magnets to name a few. The school gets a catalogue of the kinds of products we sell, which they send home with every little kid. Then, Mom, Dad, Uncle Bob, Grandpa Joe etc get to order these products. The school makes a third of the profit and everyone is happy. :-) I work in the accounting department and I am dealing with payroll and HR and invoicing. Basically, stuff I was already doing, just in a different way. Today was my first day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was bored at time because I am so used to Fry's and the fast paced placed that it was. But, I think I can get used to it.

As you read above, we have house guests. One of my boyfriend's friend asked if his sister and her 8 year old daughter, and her 18 month old son, AND HER disabled boyfriend could stay with us for a week or two. THAT WAS A MONTH AGO. They are still here. They are not that bad, really. I am definitely not used to having people in our house ALL THE TIME so it has definitely put a little stress on me. But, they will be leaving soon, I think. I call them the Housepeople. It isn't really derogatory, but it really doesn't sound very kind, either. The baby cries about everything. The older one tries to get the little ones in trouble. The boyfriend is disabled for some reason and watches tv and plays video games like a college bachelor would. The sister works night and is home all day trying to get a little bit of rest and take care of her son because the boyfriend doesn't want to. I feel really bad for her. She might get 4-6 hours of sleep a day. So, they are pretty much here 24-7. Thats a lot of stress on my household. But we were able to help them out in a time that we needed their help also. She does help clean. And she helps cook. And they are helping pay the rent a little bit so Rob doesn't have to do it alone. AND they have been buying the majority of the groceries since they got here, which has taken a huge load off of us.

What else needs to be shared...I guess that is it. I have been going through some crazy hormone things every since I got back on the shot. This has caused much undue stress in my already stressed out relationship with my boyfriend. It has caused me to be overly needy. And very insecure. And quick to anger. And quick to cry. get the idea. I am very happy to go back to work, and hopefully get back to a normal routine, and back to my normal self. We will see, though. Keep your fingers crossed for me. PLEASE!!!

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