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Dance Class

I am enrolling Lorelli in dance classes. She starts tomorrow. I am so excited. She is ecstatic. We stopped by the dance studio on Monday and procured all the information about the classes and the fee schedules. We are going tonight to purchase her dance uniform: leotard, shoes, and tights. The instructors at the dance school have all been dancing since their early childhood years. They have 30+ years of instruction. Some of their students proceed on to receive scholarships and dance in college and in professional dancing companies. I know that is looking way ahead into the future, but if we are going to pay money to teach Lorelli how to do something then I want it to be worth A.D.'s money (since he is the one paying, I am just the one spending). She will be in a pre-ballet class that is specifically for 3 and 4 year old children. It will focus on teaching them counting and basic steps as far as I can tell. Any which way, that is where we are going with Lorelli.

OH YEAH...she is also getting enrolled in cooking classes with Young Chef's Academy. This is the same school that the older twins from Jon & Kate Plus 8 attend. She will be starting that in February. We are going there on Saturday to enroll her and look around and speak to THOSE instructors. It is a little bit expensive, but I think it will be so worth it. They have a Kindercooks class for 3 and 4 year olds that Lorelli will be involved in.

She is going to be one busy little bee.

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Worm's Woman said...

I am sooo excited for her and looking forward to all the pics I know I'm going to be getting.
I remember when I worked at Creme' that they had a dance teacher that came one or two days a week and taught whoever's parents had signed them up for it. I would go and help now and then and loved watching the little girls dance.