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Baby Mama Drama

Ok...this is the THIRD time I have written this particular blog....everything keeps freezing or crashing on heeeeeeeeeere we go.

Where to start....where to start.

First, I have to tell you that my boyfriend has been boyfriend-napped and replaced by a sensitive, sex-loving, somewhat romantic alien clone. I do not know when the switch occurred, only that the man I am living with now looks like the man I have been with for two + years, but only vaguely resembles him in his actions. I did inform the clone that I was onto his antics. I even asked who he was, where MY boyfriend was, and how long could this clone stay? I only got a laugh and a smile in response. But seriously, maybe Rob finally took the things that I had been telling him to heart. He has started me showing me affection randomly. He has sprinkled in an 'I love you' once or twice. He has even taken to telling me that I am pretty, or I look good. All of these things are new to me coming from him.

Sooooo, Saturday we learned about a conversation that Rob's mom had with his sister. I know you are asking yourself, "who cares about a conversation that they had?" Well, this conversation involved us. Or, at least it involved him. And it COULD involve me. Who knows. There were no specifics on that. The discussion was something along the lines of how his mom wants another grandbaby. FROM HER BABY. MY BOYFRIEND. WTF?!?!?! Did she not get the memo? I thought everyone got the memo. The one that said I am totally fine with having ZERO kids. You know, the one that was amended in 2004, when I got pregnant with Lorelli, to read is DONE having babies. Don't get me wrong. I will practice all day and all night if you let me. But as for the actual making of the babies. I pass.

There are two new additions to our family, though. And no they do not need to be fed, nor do they need to be watered. One is a beautiful counter height table in expresso brown with a butterfly leaf and six chairs. And I got it for $200 from a friend who is being shipped off to Hawai'i for the next three years. Awww.....poor guy....oh wait, it's Hawai'i. NM!!! The other addition is Rob's new baby. Some big huge @$$ tv. Who needs a 73"tv? Who even created the 73" tv? I think it is too big for my eyes to be able to decide what part I should be watching. Although...I do believe that hockey and football are going to be EFFing awesome on it!!!!

Now, I know you are wondering why you should give a $h1t about purchases in my home, but I promise they are relevant. I am getting to the part that will show you why.

Did I tell you that we are moving. AGAIN? Except this time its because he is buying a house. Otherwise, we would be here for another year. And yes, I get to move with him. I DID ask him, though. Just to be sure. But yes, Lorelli and Rob and I are moving. Into a big house. We have not found the perfect one yet. But, I know it is out there. And it could be in one of the THIRTEEN that we are scheduled to view on Sunday. We shall see.....

So on Sunday, after picking up the new tv, while putting it in its place and setting it up etc etc....the topic of his mother's conversation with his sister came up. I joked about how we were making all these big purchases, and then buying a house which meant a tax credit would be coming to him...I threw out a bit of smart @$$, as I am known to do, and said, "What?!?! Are you trying to get all the big tax credits all in one year?" This was TOTALLY a joke. I even laughed at the end of the question. Ha. Ha. This is me, laughing after such a silly comment as that. But, then, with a serious face, he turns and says..."well, yeah. We could do that!!!" WAIT ONE MINUTE!!! HOLD THE PHONES. STOP THE CAR! Did he forget about the aforementioned memo? He wants a baby? Seriously?

But, I don't think I do. I don't want to be old when my kid graduates. I don't want to have 3 different kids by 3 different fathers like my mother did. I don't want Pierce to come back to me and ask me why these were good enough and he wasn't. I don't enjoy being pregnant. I don't mind Lorelli being an only child. Diapers? Breastfeeding? Potty training? Incessant crying?An infant? Oh dear....I just don't know. But to every opposition I give, he counters. He is so sweet and funny. He says, "I just want to carry on the Jones name (his last name is jones, too)" to which I simply stated the obvious fact..."Jones is going to be carried on forever. It's a rather common name." I told him that even if I ever did have another baby I worried about being someone else's BABY MAMA, to which he said (and this is utterly romantic FOR HIM), "Don't worry honey, I'm in this for the long haul." I know it sounds ridiculous and that you are thinking that is not sweet and romantic at all. But coming from my is.

Ok....I am tired. And I finally got this all written down. And saved. And hopefully posted. We shall see.

Tomorrow is Caleb's birthday party. WooWoo. My old rommate's baby is going to be a year old. Lorelli is so excited. She can't wait to sing him Happy Birthday.

I have more to tell. Stay Tuned!

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