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Suzy Homemaker

OMG I finally did it. I made the cupcake pops from the Bakerella blog that I have fallen in love with. She made what started out as red velvet cake balls and eventually evolved in these awesome mini little cupcakes on a stick, a.k.a., CUPCAKE POPS!!!!! I have been eyeing them for weeks now. I wanted to make them, but they just looked so daunting. And hers were beautiful and I was sure that I would never get them right. Weeeellllll......I am on this new thing of trying new ideas and new foods in the kitchen to make dinner a more interesting meal to WANT to sit down to. I decided that while I was attempting to be creative, I might as well try these. I do have to apologize because I cheated a little bit. Bakerella made her cake and icing from scratch - I used a cake mix and store bought icing. I ONLY did this because the cherry chip cake mix was calling my name with GREAT BIG CAPITAL BUBBLE LETTERS. I digress. You can go to her website to see all her exact directions. I will attempt to show you here what I did. I think they are just the cutest things ever!! forewarned...they are EXTREMELY time consuming. I made this a two night project that has now turned into a 3 night project. But I am okay with that. :-)

To begin with let me tell you what I used:
  • Cake and Icing (no picture provided - we all know what cake and icing look like)
  • Candy molds Photobucket
  • Candy melts or chocolate bark
  • Treat bags
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Ribbon to tie around treat bags
  • Styrofoam blockPhotobucket
  • Optional sprinkles or other decorations for cupcakes
NOW - here are the steps I took:
  1. BAKE A CAKE!!! (no picture provided - I think you can figure this part out.) Then take it out and let it cool completely.
  2. Crumble the cake into a very large mixing bowl. (Think family popcorn sized bowl. Or "Hey, I could swim in this 'fruit punch' sized bowl"
  3. Mix one can of cream cheese icing into crumb cake. Photobucket
  4. Roll cake/icing mixture into 75348123789 little balls (Approximately 50 But trust me, after the first 15 or so, it all ran together.) and place on wax paper or foil lined large tray. Photobucket
  5. Cover tray with foil or plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. I have read that you could throw them in the freezer for a little while to stiffen up if you are doing this all at once rather than a several day project like I decided to do.
  6. Melt some of your candy melts or chocolate bark. This will be for your caupcake"wrappers." You can use double boiler, microwave, fondue pot....whatever tickles your fancy - I used a little pink princess bowl that belongs to Lorelli....just because that's how I roll.... Photobucket
  7. Put small dollop (I like the way that word plops out of your mouth and onto the table) of melted candy into the candy mold. Photobucket
  8. Take one ball and push it down into dollop of melted candy. This will push the candy around into all the little crevices of the mold. Put one lollipop stick through middle of cupcake bite. Do this for entire tray of candy molds. Photobucket
  9. Refrigerate to set. (Boring process - no pictures needed.)
  10. Pop cupcake bite out of candy mold and remove lollipop stick.
  11. Push top of cupcake bite in to fill the hole left by the stick.
  12. Melt different color of candy or bark for "icing" of cupcake.
  13. Dip tops of cupcake into melted candy and then into optional sprinkles.
  14. Put cupcake back onto stick and push down into styrofoam block to set. Photobucket
  15. REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT ad nauseum Photobucket
  16. Tie treat bags around individual little cupcake bites to send with boyfriend to work so as to wow old coworkers and friends. :-) Photobucket Photobucket end product


Tiffany Pruett said...

Oh my, looks yummy!!

Worm's Woman said...

going to have to try this for sure, but may have to wait till summer gets here and let both girls do it...or teacher gifts...hmmm