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NOT ME! Monday

Join me for Not Me! Monday and let me know all the things that you absolutely did not do this weekend. It is very fun and therapeutic to air it out. If you want to truly join then grab this picture, post it, and link back to MckMama's page to find out what everyone else did not do this past week.

I did not post a blog on Friday stating that I was sick just to get sympathy. I did not feel like a sick 5 year old whining for her mommy. Not at 28 years old. We are grown women and no longer whine when we are sick, right??? *crickets chirping*

I did not make "nachos" out of JUST chips and cheese for dinner for my lovely 3 year old and I. That is definitely not a proper dinner. And I definitely did not rationalize it out to my self by saying that she got corn from the chips, milk from the cheese, and fruit from the juice I let her drink. Wondermom would never do that. She would insure a proper dinner is fed to her child before sending her to bed.

I did not take my daughter out in the rain to look at houses with Rob and I and let her get dirty and wet up to her knees. Including her socks and shoes. I absolutely did not let her trek around in the grass and muck to check out the houses with us.

I am not the retarded girl that you saw yesterday checking out houses in the rain and muck in CANVAS SHOES!!! I am smarter than that. Really, I am.

I most certainly did not sleep from 11:30 am Friday until 10:30 am Saturday morning because I was so sick. I also did not take the cold and cough medicine religiously every four hours so that I could stay asleep that long so as not to feel like a giant bag of @$$ every waking moment.

I would never gawk inappropriately at a fellow coworker. Especially not because he is just the cutest little tiny asian boy you have ever seen and wears more makeup than I do. And muscle shirts. And a beret. And dangly George Michael earrings. And has a Michael Jackson voice. That is very inappropriate. I am the HR coordinator. I would not do things like that. LOL Ever. LOL Really.

I did not get my feelings hurt when my friend decided not to come over Friday night to sit with my sick self. I mean, its not every day that someone drives well over 1K miles to come see someone. Just. Because. Although it may not be every day, it apparently is once a month. But whatever. I am a grown woman and would not pout!

I did not forget a baked potato (or three) on the grill Monday night when we made dinner. I absolutely did not barely remember them late Tuesday afternoon. And I certainly did not leave said baked potato(es) on the grill until Wednesday evening when I got home. I am much more aware of the food I am preparing to do something like that.

I did not get Lorelli's hopes up by telling her we were going to make cookies only to get home and find out that my milk was definitely not spoiled and we were most certainly NOT out of eggs and also NOT running low on butter.

There you go. As you can see, I did not ket anything go by the wayside this week. Share with me what you DIDN'T do this week. Laugh it off. Laughter is good for the soul. :-)

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