Love Love Love

I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!


Not Lost

I am still here. It has been crazy busy lately at work. I spend allll day on the computer and so when I get home I don't want to be on the computer. Not to mention that my computer upstairs has been broken for some time. My laptop has been dead for six months. And my phone stopped working last week. I got a new phone last Friday. Which promptly stopped working on Sunday. And I finally got a replacement phone for my replacement phone on Wednesday. Now all seems right with my world. For Now. At least in my land of technology.

In the land of work. I still love my job. I get bored sometimes. But even the boredom is nice. Everything does not need to be done yesterday. My phone does not blow up with work questions form the time I wake up till I go to bed. Once I clock out, I leave work where it belongs. AT WORK. Granted my pay is WAY BELOW what it was, but it has given me some incredible time with Lorelli. And myself. And friends. I actually went home for Christmas. I never would have been able to do that while working at Fry's. It has just been an amazing ride. I am hoping to take on more responsibility in the next couple months. And hopefully get a raise when they put me to salary.

We have been looking at houses for what seems like FOR.EVER.NOW. And the saga continues. The perfect house has not come along yet. We are not looking for A perfect house. We know that does not exist. But we are looking for a house that FITS us. A house that meets most of our criteria. We dumped the realtor we were working with and have moved on to one who actually wants to help us and is doing an awesome job. We also switched real estate broker guys and are now working with a new one that the new realtor works closely with. I don't know....we are switching everything up.


Why oh Why...

Am I still awake? At 1:37 a.m.? On a weeknight? By myself?

I will tell you. Because my tummys upset. Because my phone rang at 12:15. Because I had a caffeine filled Pepsi at 5pm. Because my head hurts.

I know. I'm a whiny beeatch tonight. But I like to be in bed by 10. I am an early to bed, early to rise kind of person. I don't like to be up late. I have to be up in 4 hours to get ready for work. And I definitely don't like my tummy to be upset. I dunno if I ate something or what but this bad mojo jo jo.


Not Me! Monday

Welcome to this week's edition of Not Me! Monday. This blog carnival is hosted by MckMama. Click on the button above and head on over to see what Not Me! Monday is all about. Click on her name to head on over to her website and read about her and her family. They can use your prayers right now. But while you are might as well read my Not MEs. :-)

I did not get irritated when my sister called me the other day. I welcome every chance to speak to my sister. I would never get irritated just at the thought of having to speak to her because of course she would never be the one thing that gets to salt in a wound. But I did speak to her and as a reward got to speak to my little nephew.

I did not wear the same pair of jeans three times in one week because they are so comfortable and I was too lazy to do the laundry. Being the supermom that I am I always stay on top of the laundry and always make sure that there are tons of clean clothes.

To go along with that, I most certainly did not wait until the last minute to wash Lorelli's clothes. I did not wait until I noticed that she had NO CLEAN PANTIES for the next day to wash clothes for her. OOPS!

I did not finally join the Facebook crowd. I have so much on my plate already with my blog and work and Lorelli and looking at houses and MySpace and Twitter that I would definitely not add anything else to it. Not Me!

I did not finally admit the fact that I still have strong feelings for a past flame. This has not kept me up hours thinking about What Ifs and Why Nots and Whenevers. This has not caused my heart to ache and more than a few tears to come down my cheeks. I would of course, never let my heart get out of control and never let my mind lose control of my feelings.

I did not lose my favorite pair of shoes. Off the top of my car. On a Saturday. On the way to work. When I was supposed to be going to the airport directly after a couple hours of work. Only a silly and forgetful person would leave an article of clothing so precious as a pair of shoes, their favorite shoes, on top of the car and drive off.

I did not, on more than one occasion, entertain the thought of going back to a flip phone for a whlie because my phone is aggravating me. I can not text. If you know me, that is a huge thing. I can not run the vital programs on my phone. I can not answer phone calls. What good is a phone if I can't do the two things that phones were made for? ARGH!

I did not leave my pocketbook at the Sprint store when I took said aggravating phone in to be repaired/replaced. I also DID NOT take until Thursday to realize I had left my pocketbook.

Thats all for now. Have a great week!!!


Not Me! Monday

Welcome to this week's edition of Not ME! Monday where we share things with our readers that we most definitely DID NOT DO this past week. Come share your stories with us. Click this button above to read the rules and such of your Not Me! Monday post. Then create your own post and link back to MckMama's website.

I most definitely did not, at the completely grown up age of 28, freak out about the thunder storm that came through here Friday night. And my good girl friend did not stay the night with me and Lorelli because we are both scared of thunder. And it definitely did not hail quarter sized hail at my house and freak me out even more.

I did not get my feelings hurt because my man went out with his friends for his birthday without asking me if I had plans for him already. Which I did. But I am a very mature girlfriend and so I didn't get a bad attitude and pout until Saturday. (4 days after I found out he was going out)



Lorelli is sick. We woke up this morning to her having a fever of 102+. I gave her a lukewarm bath and some tylenol at 6:30 this morning. Then I took her to the babysitters. I talked to them at 10 and found out she was very listless and still had a 100+ fever. So, I called the doctor and made an appt. They did a culture swab for flu and strep. Both came back negative. For now. They sent the strep test in for a prolonged culture and will have the results in saturday or monday. If she has strep then we will know then and they will put her on antibiotics. For now, we are treating her as if she has a virus of her adenoids and hoping that her body can fight it off by itself. Poor thing is now on her 3rd dose or medicine for her fever and its still up there. I think I will not give her any more fever fighting medicine. I wonder if it is inhibiting her body's ability to fight whatever little virus she has. Poor thing. We stopped and got some lunch...macaroni and fruit for her, which she didn't want to eat because she said her throat was hurting. She just decided that she was hungry and that she wanted to eat so she got out her cold macaroni. After plowing thru half of it she told me, "maybe we should cook this." When I asked her why her reply was, "Because its really nasty!" LOL


Getting to know you

Hey know how much I love to lurk around on people's blogs and read and read and read. Well, this lady has come up with a fun and new way to get to know other people's blogs. And to get your blog read if that's what you're interested in. I AM!!! I love to share my wacky life with the whole world. It makes no difference to me who else knows I am crazy!!!! Click the button here and go check out her website and read her blogs. She is quite fascinating. As are the people whose blogs she blogs about!!!

I <3 Faces Post

This is my entry for this week's contest had to be based on the theme MY FRIEND & I.

Go on over to the I ♥ Faces website and check out all the other submissions. I can not compare with about HALF of them, but I do what I can with what I have. Someday....Someday....

My child submission is Lorelli with my good friends NEW newborn baby. I believe the baby was a week old. Lorelli was being so cautious so as to not hurt him or bother him because he was sleeping. She was just toooooo cute.


Not Me Monday

Welcome to this week's edition of Not Me Monday. This is a movement started by a very strong and wonderful woman over at MckMama. Click the button above to join the movement. Head on over and read some other people's Not Me editions. Share with us what you didn't do this week. It's fun and therapeutic.
I did not call a realtor to go see the inside of a house based solely on the fact that it was yellow.
I did not get irritated at a coworker just because she closed my excel spreadsheet.
I would never let my daughter just watch a movie and stay up until 9:45pm just because I was tired and was napping when she came downstairs. A good mother would spend time with her daughter and would never let the TV babysit her child.
I definitely did not let my daughter snack her way through everything she wanted Friday evening. This included but was not limited to chips, a milkshake, and a banana (THAT'S HEALTHY RIGHT?!?!).
I did not call and inform my bestfriend that the next time I come home I was bringing her back with me. I would never be that determined to get my friend to visit me this year. I am a grown woman and I understand that a mother can not always just pick up and do what she wants. And I, of course, would call her and say I have a plan and ask her if she thinks that she could get away for a while.
I definitely did not wait 6 months to get insurance so I can go get the shots for these migraines that the neurologist suggested only to find out that my insurance was going to cost me approsimately TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS a month out of my already stretched thin paycheck.
I did not stay up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too late last night watching a special on the Science channel about climate change and how we are working to halt it, maybe reverse it. I am not that big of a nerd. Or......maybe I am?



I am considering homeschooling Lorelli. I am not very impressed with the Georgia public school system from all the things I have heard about them and read about them. I know she does not go to school for some time, but this is not something I will be able to decide overnight. I might as well start now. The Georgia laws seem few and vague. I have gathered that she will need four and a half hours of instruction a day. Ok...not too hard. And the other requirements make sense, also. I must turn in an attendance sheet, monthly. And she must submit to staqndardized testing as would other students. I can do that. I am just worried that when I send her to school she will lose that edge that she seems to have over other children her age. I worry that she will not fall in love with learning as I hope she does and as I did. I do not want her to be bored, as I was, because of these wonderful No Child Left Behind laws. I think that the laws were good in theory. But not so much in practice. It seems as if they are leading to a No Child Advances kind of thing. Everyone stays in the middle section. BLAH! I have been reading a lot on homeschooling and it seems that the majority of people do it for religious reasons. They want to be able to share their religious views with their children and teach school subjects, side by side. That seems like a good idea. I am just concerned with my child's education. I DO worry about the social aspect. Right now she goes to a private babysitter where she is the only child. At home she is the only child. I do have her enrolled in dance class. She LOVES that. We will be enrolling her in swim classes this summer. Her dad and my boyfriend both want to enroll her in soccer classes. So, I do not beileve that she will be socially inept. I still have a lot of researching to do. And learning to do. And I will have to take in the financial aspect of me possibly cutting back my hours at some point, so that I can stay HOME and HOME school.... If you know me, you know that I do not JUMP into anything. But...this is something that I feel a very strong desire to take on.

Other than that...we are looking for houses. Rob is buying a house. I am not. I don't have the credit to buy a house. But, I am working on that. I should be straightened out and back on track and on my way to improving my score rather than hurting it, very soon. When I took this job I took a 50% pay cut, which hurts A LOT!!! But, I believe strongly that it was the right thing to do. I get to spend so much more time with Lorelli. I have forced myself to learn to budget my money. And I no longer have the major stress of my previous job on my shoulders from morning till night.

I DIGRESS...The point is that we are looking at houses. We have found several that we liked. We found one that we were in love with. We put a bid on it. It was beautiful. Would have been perfect. Beautiful neighborhood. Great kitchen. Awesome master suite. Marble coutertops throughout. But, alas, it was not meant to be. There was a contract on it before we had a chance to put a bid in. We found a second house and have put a bid in on it. Unfortunately, there is already a bid on it. We are competing. The house is in short sale. We have not heard back from the bank. I found a house that I wanted to go see for the simple fact that it looked so different than any other house we have looked at. I called the realtor up and he gave me the code to the lockbox so I could go view it. I LOOOOOOVE it. It is so unique. It has the cutest floor plan. It needs some work in the kitchen. It has 1 2 car garage on the side of the house. It has 3 finished rooms in the basement. It has space for a potential master suite in the ATTIC!! There is soooo much that could be done with this house. I took Rob to go see it. He sees the same potential. The house is only $71K. He wants to put a bid in on this house. And get it. And move in. And live there. So....keep your fingers crossed for us. These are very exciting times.

I am beginning to plan a trip to Texas again. Even though I said I do not want to take another vacation back there. I have been a bit homesick for my friends. It seems everyone that I love is going through some MAJOR stuff right now and I have not been there for them. It sucks living so far away. I think this time will be fun. Rob is probably going. A friend of mine may be going. And I may be friend napping my bestie to come home with me for a couple weeks. I hope that is acceptable. We will see. I will let you know more as I decide more. It all sounds like one big Memorial Day weekend road trip. WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!

Lorelli's dance recital is coming soon. She is so cute. Her class, the 3 and 4 year olds, are dancing to Shirley Temple's "Baby Take a Bow." The dance is beyond cute. The costumes are ADORABLE!!! I just want to eat up all the little kids in there with their little bitty chunky legs and their little baby bellies. Oh dear. I am starting to sound strange......Moving on.....

I think that is all I have to say. I haven't been blogging much lately because I am on the computer ALLLL day at work. My computer is broken upstairs. My laptop has died. Only Rob's comptuer is working now. It is sad. I am sad. Oh well.

Photo 4/4

We are in the month of April now so here is my random photo. Of course, its not really a random photo because it's specifically chosen. But you know what I mean.

I love this picture. Its so cute! And it makes me giggle every time I see it.


Praying for Stellan - REPOST

He has gotten better and gotten worse. But, as we all know, God has a plan. We, as mere mortals, could never possibly understand the whole big plan. That is why we must wait. That is why we must have faith. And that is why we must continue to pray.

I do ask that you take a visit to the Stellan name gallery and may it move you to contribute to the gallery.

Prayers Please

Do not fret, the prayers are not needed for me. One of the ladies whose blogs I enjoy reading and that I follow very closely needs everyone's prayers for her and her family. They are going through a tough time right now with their infant son. In the womb he was discovered to have a heart problem, but then with tons and tons of prayers he was MIRACULOUSLY "healed and was born a well and whole full-term baby...with dimples!" (direct quote from her blog) PLEASE click the button on the right hand side of my blog that says PRAYING FOR STELLAN and read what they are going through and then I ask you to please offer their family up in prayer. Thank you.

Wordless Wednesday