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Not Me! Monday

Welcome back to Not Me! Mondays. MckMama started this blog circus a long time ago and we have all picked up on it. I believe that it helps us to start the week fresh and new if you can air out the dirty laundry of last week.

I DID NOT get completely grossed out when my daughter woke up throwing up Saturday morning. As a mom, I understand that these things happen. I have a steel stomach that does not get upset when my poor little child gets so sick that she comes running in to my room at 5 am and ends up vomiting IN MY HANDS!!!

I WOULDN'T pop my daughter's bottom for going poopoo in her panties. I would first ask questions. I would then realize that she didn't MEAN to go in her panties. That she had thought that she had gas. I also would NOT realize this until after the second time that she went in her panties.

I did not pick up my child and carry her at arms length to put her in the shower just in case there were more GAS incidences.

I did not laugh at my child when she wanted to pout because I wouldn't let her have any cheetos. I also did not take a picture of said pouting to post here on my Not Me! post.

I did not look like a BAD MOM at Burlington Coat Factory the other night when we were at the mall. I was with my boyfriend checking out and looked up to see my daughter wallking past the checkout coutners hand in hand with a store clerk to go to the paging system because she was alone. She had been with my good friend who had LET HER WALK OFF to come back to me. I also DID NOT get furious with my friend for letting A THREE YEAR OLD WALK OFF BY HERSELF!!!! I also did not put my daughter in timeout at the front check out for thinking that she could walk back to my by herself.

I am not planning on making a pie for my boss's birthday because he doesn't care for cake. A Coconut cream pie. Which I have never made before. It will NOT be delicious and time consuming and fattening all at once.

I did not go to three separate WalMarts searching for THE perfect shoe in my size. I had seen it while I was most certainly not shopping in WalMart. I despise WalMart. They are evil, I believe. But my friend was driving and thats where she wanted to pick up a few groceries. And where I saw THE shoe. In a size 6. When I wear an 8 1/2. After buying the 8 1/2 in the 2nd store and wearing them the next day, I did not decide that I need a 9 in that particular shoe.

That's all I have for now. I will probably be posting again later to tell you all about everything else that is going on. I have made big decisions this last week. And big decisions have been made that affect me. I will tell you all about it very soon. But for now, my break is over and I must get back to work.

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