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Not Me! Monday

Welcome to this week’s edition of Not Me! Monday. MckMama started this blog carnival many moons ago. Head on over to her blog and check out what everyone else DIDN’T do last week. This is a good soul-cleansing event and helps the new week to start fresh.

I did not start counting down the days until I go to Texas last Monday. I would never be so excited to go to a hot dry state for my vacation that I would start counting down 11 days in advance. And I most certainly would not have started counting down the hours at 113 hours to go. And I definitely do not know that it is only 60 hours to go until I am on the road. No one looks THAT forward to their vacation.

I definitely did not serve my daughter a dinner of turkey dogs on wheat buns the other night and a glass of cranberry juice. I always plan my meals in advance. I also always make sure that she has 2 veggies, meat, and a starch.

I did not, once again, wait to do laundry until I realized my daughter had only 1 clean pair of panties left in her drawer. A super-mom stays on top of these things.

I have not been super hormonal and emotional this past couple days/week/month. I did not get a big attitude because my wonderful loving boyfriend did not share some important potentially very positive news with me until the next day. I did not walk out of the room and not talk to him for hours. I don’t pout like that. And I definitely don’t wear my feelings on the cusp of my sleeve like that.

I did not text all my friends and tell them that my daughter was incredible smart and had just told me informed me that she could add. And then proceeded to tell me the correct answers to 1+1, 2+2, 3+3, 4+4, and 5+5.

I also did not text all my friends and family to tell them that Lorelli had said, “Mommy, these broccolis are like little green flowers that I can eat” because I thought it was hilarious and too cute sounding to keep to myself.

I did not put grocery shopping off until we had absolutely ZERO vegetables left in the house. That would be lazy and ridiculous.

And…lastly…I was not completely shocked when, as we were watching a movie last night Lorelli said, “That’s Incredible Hulk, Mommy.” Of course Incredible didn’t really sound like that…more like awkwanible…but she definitely knew what we were watching. I definitely did not laugh and give her a hug and praise her.


GodseySix said...

I would not feel alone with your dinner and laundry happenings this week. I certainly would never serve a dinner with less than a meat and two veggies either. And the laundry thing...well...I have never grabbed the top shirt in the hamper and given it to my son to wear to school because it was the "least dirty thing we had"! ;)

Happy Monday!

Mindy said...

LOL about the "hot, dry state." I hope you have a fabulous vacation!

Leah said...

Laundry and meals, I think all of us mommies can relate!

An invite to all of MckMama's readers...
Come to my blog tomorrow and play along with Toot Your Horn Tuesday! A great follow-up to our Not Me Monday's. Finally a chance to pat yourself on the back and give yourself 3 cheers. Look forward to seeing you!
Leah @

C.C. and Double T said...

Great NMM's!

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. I am such a total freak. Apparently, I had trouble with my links and the one you clicked on for comment #5 was the incorrect link. I have fixed it now if you want to stop back and see what I was talking about. You must have wondered how in the world I could talk about you before MckMama had even posted NMM! Ha!

So sorry for the confusion, but it is definitely nice to have "met" you! :-)

Oh, and CONGRATS on being #2!!!! I was number 9 today. Still not bad.

Musings of the Mrs. said...

I NEVER have just gone out and bought more panties instead of doing laundry. Because that would be ridiculous. Great post!

Samantha said...

Sweet Not Me's!! Bless your daughter about her "little green flowers" My niece calls Broccoli "Devon Tree's" because we once were on holiday in Devon and went past an area full of tree's that literally looked like broccoli!

Sloppy joes are ACE! I am NOT using the left over meat I had for my dinner tonight Pasta a la Sloppy Joe!

Leah said...

Another round of Toot Your Horn Tuesday tomorrow, Come on by! Hope you had a nice Memorial Day!