Love Love Love

I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!



So, I know that I am normally an upbeat and happy go lucky person. But I had my heart smashed a couple times this week. By people close to me.

First, my mother forgot my birthday. Completely forgot that Monday, July 13, was my 29th birthday.She sprang me from her very loins on that day, 29 years prior. The hottest day of that year, the 13th day of temperatures over a hundred degrees. And she failed to call me and tell me that she was glad that this particular day had come about again and that she and I were still here to marvel in it together. FAIL!

My boyfriend has left me alone all week. Sure, he has been in the house. He has slept the nights with me. He has kissed me goodbye in the morning. But I haven't felt his heart was in it. He has a lot on his mind about the house, the loan, moving, etc. I get this, but it hurts to feel like a roommate. I have felt like a roomate before and it is a horrible feeling.

Thursday, a coworker, a friend, snapped on me when she overreacted to something I said. She sometimes gets sensitive like that. And she sometimes gets into a negative frame of mind. When that happens, I just don't worry about it, I put on my headphones and let her be by herself for the rst of the day. But things were different this time. It didn't blow over this time. I went into work on Friday and as soon as I walked in, she started attacking me (verbally only). She said mean and horrible things to me in the office. Then, she left for the day because she said she wasn't feeling well. And, as childish as it is, it sounds even more when I say it or write it, but she and a friend of hers basically blew up one of my internet pages and said mean and horrible things about me and to me. I just don't understand ppl, sometimes. But, as I have said several times, "its going to take a lot more energy for someone to be ugly to me than it will for me to to go on living my life as normal." I am just truly pained that, after all this, she would tell me that I am a user and I don't take people's feelings under consideration.

And then, on top of everything else, I had asked Rob if I could get some quality time last night? Especially since its been a tough week. But, he did not call, text, or come home till 1:30 this morning. I was so hurt. I could have really used his comforting last night.

Ok. Sorry to bring the mood down. But I had to get that all off of my chest.


Anonymous said...

Hi friend. I am sorry you have had such a horrible week. I know how much it hurts when other people tend to forget about us existing. But remember that you are awesome and I am totally glad that I've "met" you. You have a great kid and you're funny and smart and a kick ass tweeter.

And as for your work issue? I saw that stuff on your page. I mean, really. I think she might just have a screw loose and you unfortunately received the brunt of her looniness.

Here's hoping next week is better!

Nan C said...

Dear new friend - what to say. Take good care of YOU. Keep toxic relationships out of YOUR life space as much as possible. You really do deserve better. We all do. Office messes are hard to deal with because you HAVE to be there. Sometimes making the peace is more important than being right. She's nutz, you're not. Just walk away from the toxins.

And realize that YOU are valuable and important to so many people that the toxic ones just don't count (although they can temp hurt). Realize how important YOU are and never never ever allow anyone to treat you less than valuable, OK?

You are worth being treated like someone valuable and precious because you are. You deserve the best and do not have to put up with anything less than that. Do not settle. Do not allow anyone to diss you, OK? If it feels wrong, it probably is. Life is way too short. This isn't about boy-girl, parents can disrespect us, friends can, co-workers, etc!

And on a tiny nosy note, as a single woman, make sure you can afford the entire mortgage note on your own salary.

Drahdrah said...

I am so sorry to hear you had a rough week. You seem like the sweetest most considerate person to me, and I always appreciate your kind words and support. Try not to let it bother you too much. Nothing other people say can change who you are or your heart. *HUGS*

Debbie said...

Charisse, you have had a terrible week. I am so sorry that so many people have disappointed you. I hope you will realize the problem lies with them - not you.

Zeus and Twinkle Haskins said...

YOu are so amazingly tough. To be keeping it altogether like you do is one step shy of a miracle. You are blessed. We will never appreciate the good things in life or good, nice people in life if we never encounter the bad. Remember that life is a roller coaster and everything that goes up must come down. It will get better and you will be blessed. I too, totally despise of weeks like this. It is great to have other friends you can talk to you. You are beautiful, a great mom and and heck of a baker. Now look towards that and the rest will fall in place. Big hugs my dear.

Toby E. said...

Well with being out of town and not able to get to a computer (it's a line to get on at the brother-in-law's house and I usually always get bumped back to the back), many fabulous ladies have said everything I would have said and more and probably in an even better way!
You know I'm completely honest with you and you know I know you well enough to know what you are really like. And know those things aren't true that she said. The one that blows me the most is the food one! I know it's trivial, but I've seen you eat and never in all my years of knowing you have you pigged out even when we were little and that's what kids do spending the night, you didn't! I don't know why, but I HAD to comment on that one.
Again I have to mention it because you know my husband and how he is, but he puts you on a pedistal (sp?) because of how you treat people and how you are with me. NO ONE has ever been a truer friend! Coming all the way from Georgia at my surgery, flowers after a bad haircut, those are just a couple to mention. My comment is already long.
As for Mr. Man. I know he goes through his good and bad, but he has really got to work on the good occuring more than the bad. I know you care for him very much, so just keep talking with him and having faith in him. It will all guide him.
Know most of all there are more people out there who love you than there are who do what she did. Sadly as it goes with so many things, it's the bad that sticks sometimes.
And very most of all I LOVE YOU!!!!

Sophia's Mom said...

I am sorry you had a rough week!
I am sorry your bf was unavailable to show you the love that you deserve ans that he has for you. I am sorry your coworker/friend was a bitch!

I am remind of the song that says "Mamma said there'd be days like this". Mamma, if you're listening, could you be more specific next time! Days like this SUCK! Especially when there are "days like this" one right after the other for a week!

Life, please give my blogger friend Charisse a break will you?

Oh, what's that? You already gave her something to cheer her up? Really?! What? A blog award on my blog, The Wannabe WAHM?! That's great!

Mama4Real said...

Those women are so out of their minds... seriously! I can't even imagine being that immature... I saw some of those comments. Bottom of the barrel kind of people, and you don't need them. You are worth so much more than that!

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer to never have to think of your mother's loins... EVER!