Love Love Love

I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!


Keep it moving...nothing to see

I thought these might brighten your day like they did mine. :-)I had to get that super sad negative whiny post off of the top. This one should (hopefully) be a little better.

I don't really feel like typing a lot. I think I am going to go lay down with my kiddo and get in some snuggle time.

But first, I just want you to know that I have not weighed myself in a week or so. I try to stay off the scale so that I do not discourage myself when I do not see the number on my scale changing. But today, I definitely saw a new number. I will even tell you that number. That number is 231. I know that to most of you that is a huge number. But, to me, that is a number that is significantly less than what it was 5 weeks ago when I started this venture. Five weeks ago the scale showed me a number that I was definitely unhappy with. The old number was 242. I am quite shocked, actually. I have been a bit discouraged lately, I will not lie. I have not wanted to do my workouts. And I love my workout. I just have been in a rut, I think. Lorelli told me tonight, "mommy you have to do your exercise because you like to be all sweaty." No, dear. I do not like to get all sweaty. I just know that getting sweaty burns more calories because it means I am working a little harder. My little 3 year old has been my motivational speaker lately. :P I have been tempted like you would not believe (by my own self) to eat horribly this last week and a half, but I have been steadfast in my decision to watch what I eat and how MUCH of "what" I eat. It is a new thing for me, still, this counting and recording calories, but it is also rewarding.

Next, I want to tell you again about some of new blogs. I have mentiioned them to you before, but, they have really helped me alnog my journey lately. BikiniBy30 is a great blog because you can tell she is a normal every day person who is really just struggling with the same battle that I am. She wants to be heathier. She wants to finally fit into that bikini. And she is awesome enough to share her journey. Of course, you should also know that I am sort of doing some moonlighting over on LBD Diaries, also. Nan has been such an awesome person to get to know. She is so encouraging and truly a great new friend. She has taken excerpts from the emails that she and I exchange daily on a regular basis and posted them as blog entries from me. If you would like to read them, then head on over there and take in some spectacular women's journey back into their Little Black (or Red as the case may be) Dress. Another site I want to tell you about is an incredibly smart woman named Tommie. She operates the Awesome to be Rawsome website. She has always been a vegetarian, but even as a vegetarian she was heavier than she wanted to be. She had thyroid problems. And she decided to do a trial as a RAW VEGAN. While I admit it is not something we all should/would want to try, it is an interesting read. And Tommie is very straightforward and honest about her journey.

As a parting gift, I will leave you with some pictures of my kiddo. She has been extraordinarily funny lately.

There was toad-ily an amphibian in the kiddy pool

Hanging out at the park on a B-E-A-UTIFUL Monday afternoon

This is the bite of food my daughter had in her mouth for TWENTY TWO MINUTES!!!!

Just being silly after spending the morning swimming

P.S. - If you are still here after the pictures and the blog plugging - can you throw a few good wishes my way. We still have not closed on the house. We need to be out of here by July 31. And while you are at it, can you throw a few good wishes in my general direction. I am coming up very quickly upon a pretty rough week in the timeline of my life.


LBDDiaries said...

Wow. I read the blog the last link linked to so know what's coming up. You have not only my good wishes, but real prayers to believe you will get through that week smoothly. Big time! Bay-bay, it's gonna be OK! Really!

Mama4Real said...

WOW! Charisse...Praying harder and more specifically for you now.

Charisse said...

Thank you gals!!!

Toby E. said...

Soooo proud of you and your sticking to it. Can I borrow Lorelli for a little while to help me get back in and stick to it? I've been trying, but not even 20%.
And always praying for you and sending good thoughts your way, but I'll send them a little harder.
By the way. I am LOVING your layout!

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Okay, a few things:

#1: Lorelli is ADORABLE! I so wish I had a little girl. But all I seem to produce are penises.

#2: LOVE the site revamp! It makes me hungry for cupcakes. :)

#3: I'm so proud of you for sticking to your weight loss plan ... you are a stronger woman than I, especially with this cupcake layout! LOL!

#4: I'm so sorry you've been having a rough time lately (just read your last post - wow! And a belated happy birthday!). It seems like when it rains it pours, doesn't it?!? But just as with every other rough patch in your life, you'll emerge victorious on the other side. Believe that!

Anonymous said...

Hi, friend! I think it's awesome how dedicated you are to getting in shape. I'm totally impressed. And I'm crossing my fingers and prayin' and doing a little close on the house dance for you. If you guys need help when you move, remember I'll be ten minutes away for the next few weeks. And even when I'm in Athens, it's like 40 minutes.

And Lorelli is way too cute!