Love Love Love

I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!



I need a break. I think I am going to take a step back from my blog for a couple days. I have some things I need to address right now. I don't know that I will have the energy to blog. Don't think I am missing in action. Check me on Twitter if you want. I will be there.


Drahdrah said...

Please take good care of yourself. I can understand needing to step back. Don't forget to breath !!! *HUGS*

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Stepping back is sometimes the best way to see things clearly. But we're here when you need us. :)

Zeus and Twinkle Haskins said...

Will be checking with you to make sure you are doing well. Blessings and will wait for your next post

Em said...

I'm giving you 72 hours, and then I'm coming in after ya. In all seriousness, we'll miss you. Let me know if you need something.

Toby E. said...

Breaks are good. Look at mine. I take them often lately!
Love you!