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I <3 Faces - “Funny, Silly Faces”

Welcome to my blog. This week's contest over at I HEART FACES was for "funny, silly faces." I thought, "Hmmmmm...does Lorelli EVER make silly faces? I just DON'T know. I mean, she is such a plain, quiet, serio....WAIT A MINUTE!!! This is Lorelli we are talking about, of course I have silly face pictures." Click the link above and head on over to check out the contest. Or click the link below to go straight to the "Funny, Silly Faces" contest and check out everyone else's silly photos.

This is a pic of Lorelli and her cousin Aahilyn while on their trip to Mexico in June.

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ellie said...

What a gorgeous little girl, and such a cute silly face :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

xo ellie