Love Love Love

I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!


What is this world coming to??

My brain is going to explode and start dripping little pieces out of my head very very soon, I believe. Last night I got one of the worst migraines I have gotten in a very very long time. And all during a horrible thunderstorm. Not just any thunderstorm, but quite possibly the loudest and biggest thunderstorm that humankind has ever seen heard. I think the only thunder that has ever been louder was maybe the thunder that God made while creating the Earth and the Heavens in the very beginning of time. It was so loud that it woke Rob twice because he thought lightning had hit something and exploded it. So, needless to say, I did not have a good night. And it took three doses of migraine medicine to get my migraine under control. It is definitely not gone, it is sitting there in the back of my head taunting me, but it is not KILLING me at this very moment.

Speaking of the thunderstorm, once I finally decided to try and head on into work, I discovered that every road I wanted to use was closed. Too bad I didn't think to check here first. I would have known that all the back routes that I was going to take were under seize by flood waters. SHEESH!!! But, try as I did to find an alternate route, all the routes I wanted were blocked. So I called out for the whole day and have been "enjoying" a very calm day spending time with the boyfriend.

We had a wonderful evening last night that included dinner, football, conversation, snuggling, gatorade, booty time, and eventually, sleep. Today, we have just been hanging out and being together. We had some yummy Japanese hibachi for lunch and more Gatorade. I just love orange Gatorade. And tonight he and Lorelli and I were supposed to be going to the fair, but since everything is so freaking wet and rainy and muddy and sloshy - we are either going to go to the jumpy house in the mall or we are going to go see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs tonight. I am leaning towards the movie because it looks sooo cute. :-)

OH HEY!!!! GUESS WHAT!!! I LOST ANOTHER POUND!!! FINALLY!!! I am officially down 16 pounds. I know I have not reported any weight loss in a very long time...but thankfully, I have not had and REgained weight, either. But, I am getting back on track. Things are finally calming down and settling back into a routine in my life that I have found the time and the energy and the motivation to get back working out. I have found a couple new blogs to read which I will share with you soon. I am loving them. And they are helping me out a little bit. I am still reading the ones I had already told you all about, and my friend NAN is totally awesome and supportive and I love reading her site about all the she is doing and attempting to do. EM is totally great and honest and forthright about her trip. KEEP IT UP EVERYONE!!! I AM BACK!! WITH A VENGEANCE!! I want to really start focusing on getting rid of this tummy. I would be way happier with this weight loss and healthier me trip if I could do that. The muffin top is just not cute look. And besides, I want to look GOOOD for when I go back to school in January. You know what I mean, JellyBean?!?!

Ok...I am outta here for now. When you come back soon (which I hope you will) I will have new things in store for you. Including a new looking blog. And I will tell you all about it after it is done and posted. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!



Mama4Real said...

Yay for special byfriend time! I'm glad you're getting that! I hear ya'll are drowning over there, an d I thought WE had it bad! now it's beautiful here! Hope your head feels better. Mine finally relented!

Toby E. said...


S3XinthePantry said...

Oh, hope you are feeling better!

LBDDiaries said...

The site looks bright and fresh! Thanks for the shout out and you know you are already making it this time, right? You've never stopped paying attention and you kept going forward no matter how many itty bitty backward steps you made or the yuck stuff you've dealt with, so you are still on that journey and YOU WILL NOT FAIL! We can share pics of having NO muffin tops very very soon!

Em said...

Right back atcha! 16lbs is great! What are you gonna do to celebrate your success? I bought a dress for my Florida trip in February. It's a 14. I found it for 70% off at lands end (at sears) I'm hoping to not just fit into it, but hopefully be toned up enough to look good. :)

Do you have any tips to get people to stop lurking on a blog? I'm getting tons of hits, but no one says hi anymore. I'm thinking about a give away of some sort.

The Spiteful Chef said...

Glad things are smoothing out with what's his face, but I reserve the right to change my mind about him if he starts acting like a dickface again.

And congrats on the weight loss! Here's some totally unwanted advice that I'm going to give you anyway: don't drink gatorade unless you're training for a triathlon or something equally crazy. Instead, switch to Propel fitness water. It's got electrolytes and really flavors water well, but has only 10 calories, whereas a full-sized bottle of gatorade has, like, 200. If you drink one bottle of gatorade a day, you'll gain a full pound of body fat in just over two weeks (if you keep the rest of your diet the same).

Liquid calories are a bitch, and can cause literally POUNDS of weight-gain per year. I like to save my liquid calories allowance for wine ;)

I know you don't need my advice, but as someone who struggled for a very long time to lose weight, I sometimes can't help myself. XO

The Spiteful Chef said...

Almost forgot--propel fitness water comes in little packets so you can use your own favorite water bottle instead of buying the pre-made stuff in all that plastic packaging. Since I had finished being a diet nazi, I decided to throw in a sentence of environmental nazi. Wheeeee.