Love Love Love

I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!


I might have lied. But I didn't mean to. And I will try not to do it again.

So, apparently when I said I was back. I didn't mean it. I thought I did. I meant to mean it. But, I lacked follow through. That sucks.

I have been so busy getting ready to move this weekend. We (Me, Lorelli, and her daddy - in case you were wondering) are moving into a BIG 3 bedroom apartment. I am soooo excited about this. And he is bestowing upon me the privilege of the master bedroom. Which I am definitely excited to receive. It has a closet the width of the bedroom (Which is 10 ft wide, in case you were wondering that, too) with three sliding doors. I get to go get my clothes out of storage. This excites me for TWO main reasons. I. MISS. MY. CLOTHES.

ANNNNNNNDDD...I get to get the jeans and pants out that have been in a different closet until now because I was too big for them. YIPPEE!!!! I still have a ways to go, yes I know. But I get to put on smaller pants. That will not REQUIRE a belt to hold them up as my pants do now. Becasuse they are all too big. Because I have lost 23 pounds.

Lorelli is excited about moving and getting "my own space for my own stuff and my own bed for me to sleep in my own room all by myself!" She is very good with the use of MY. I hope she is not getting Mine-itis. heheheh I am ready to get all of her junk out of the living room and back {somewhat} contained in her room. I am ready for her to sleep in her own room as opposed to in her own bed less than 3 feet from my bed. I love hearing her breathe, but I am such a light sleeper that every time she rolls around in her little toddler bed I wake up and check on her. Not that I won't be waking up and checking on my child, I just prefer not to do it every 45 minutes. All night. Every night. :-)

The boyfriend seems to be putting out more effort, lately. It has been nice this last week and a half. I have tried to keep my raging BC pill induced hormones in check. And he has called more and talked more. We haven't had much of a chance to see each other, with the aforementioned getting ready to move going on. But we have talked every day. More than 5 or 10 minutes. Actual conversations beyond, "Hey whats up? How was your day? Mine sucked. Have a good night. Talk to you tomorrow." We have chatted. We have laughed. We have complained. We have listened. Its a big step. On both our parts. I read an awesome post from MckMama the other day that made me think. I realize I am not married. Nor do I know if I ever will be. But romantic relationships of allll kinds at every different stage have problems. Always will. What determines whether or not we make it to that FOREVER stage is how we deal with these problems. Kinda gave me a new light. Not just the article, but also talking with a few awesome friends, both IRL and bloggy.

Tonight I will be finishing up my cake balls for tomorrow's work Halloween party. I am making spiders and pumpkins and perhaps eyeballs. They are obvoiusly Halloween themed. :-) Made the cake and mixed them and balled them last night. Tonight I move on to the dipping and decorating. ARGH! It is a task, that is for sure. I have about 100 balls to dip in melted candies of different colors. Then, my first use of edible ink markers. Can I tell you just HOW excited I am to use these. Bakerella uses them. And I shop at her favorite store all the time. And now I get to use these cool markers to decorate my eyeballs and pumpkins tonight.

Oh yeah, speaking of Halloween, Lorelli is going to be "Spider-man Girl" for Halloween. I will definitely take and post pictures. I don't do Halloween at all. I am baking for work because I am apparently the resident baker. Her daddy and her babysitters do the Halloween-y, costume-y, trick-or-treat-y things for her and with her. I am not a fan. But, whatever.

Gotta get back to being busy. Breaktime is over. Have a great Thursday!!!



{Kimber} said...

moving sucks girl...I feel your pain...but it will be worth it---ohhh laa laa..the MASTER SUITE! :)

Toby E. said...

I'm sorry I'm not there to help move. With the Jeep it would be easy to do my usual part. I am excited for you guys and all the room you will be getting!
And I so wish I could take advantage of those ticket sales so I could have some of your Halloween balls (and yes I giggle each time I read that. I am soo 13 again!) and of corse so I could come see you.

Anonymous said...

Master suite, master suite! Woohoo!

I bete Miss Lorelli looks adorable in her Spider-man Girl costume. The Noodle is going to be the black Spiderman this year. Can I photoshop a picture of them together, fighting crime, for the good of the common man?

Mama4Real said...

Daddy is being so nice! MASTER SUITE! Is there a huge jacuzzi tub in the middle of it? Cuz that would rock. ;)

cake balls are DEADLY! My friend makes them for everything and... they could seriously be the cause of my death. overages.