Love Love Love

I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!




Ok...I figured I could do a quick post since I am here in the apartment by myself. LE SIGH had to work today. My original plans had been to come in tonight at 9:30ish but when I bought my tickets, it was approximately $70 dollars cheaper for me to spend an extra day here. So, of course I took it. :-)

Those of you that follow me on Twitter (and Facebook for the most part) were kept abreast of practically my every move, starting when I woke up way earlier than I had planned on waking up. And it didn't end until I got here. I had to keep myself occupied or I would have gone crazy counting the hours and minutes until I was finally here. :-)

I am glad I did the online check-in on Tuesday because the lines were a little ridiculous for a Wednesday morning, I thought. But all I had to do was drop my suitcase off at the luggage check-in and then stroll past the ticketing agents and customer service desks right back to security. That took a while to get through, though. Thankfully, most of the people at the airport were still on a Christmas high so they were all in jolly good spirits. My bag got chosen for a random check once we went though security. Because I look like your typical terrorist with my preppy white button up and my glasses, apparently.

At the Detroit airport, I found a nice corner tucked away from everyone where I could plug my phone in and get online. I had been able to experience wi-fi onboard the airplane and sent a couple updates from way up in the air which I thought was kind of nifty. Because I am easily pleased. Finally, the plane that would be taking me to Ithaca arrived at the gate. I do believe it was the smalelst plane I have ever been on. I am spoiled to the LARGE palnes that cart me back and forth between Atlanta and Dallas. This was definitely NOT one of those. It was 2 seats on each side - and maybe 25 seats long. There was only 1 flight attendant. Totally new experience for me, but not bad at all.

Alas, I finally mmade it to Ithaca. TEN MINUTES EARLIER THAN EXPECTED, ALSO!!! So great. And then...I got nervous. What if this? What if that? But, I quickly got rid of those Waht If little buggers. They were utter and complete nonsense and didn't belong anywhere in my head. When I walked into the airport (we had to exit the plane via the stairs and then walk inTO the airport) I started scanning the "crowd" for my Le Sigh. AND THERE SHE WAS. Right where she said she would be. Right within my line of sight. It took everything I had not to be THAT GIRL and run and jump in to her arms. But, I held it together. I did squeal just an itty bitty bit. When I finally made it to where she was standing (all 200 feet away from where Iwas when I initially saw her) she just grabbed me and hugged me and held me there. It was A-MAZ-ING!!!

We spent a lovely evening together. Just being TOGETHER! We had dinner at a little cafe. We drove around town. We went to her place of business. It was nice and calming and fun. :-) We even fell asleep way early like 9 or so, I think. For once, I didn't even look at the clock or have the need to know what time it was.

And right now???? Oh yeah - it is snowing. A very light, small, beautiful snow.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy for now. They are all camera phone pictures, but still enjoyable.

Me - looking like your typical terrorist wack-o.

The view of the street from Le Sigh's front door

The view of the back from the front. (heheheh that sounds kinda dirty)

The very small plane that flew me from Detroit to Ithaca,

The big long tunnel between concourses at the Detroit airport.

The view from the sky halfway between Atlanta and Detroit.

The had she bought me and had in her hands when she picked me up from the airport.



Heather said...

YAY! Have fun. Enjoy every minute. Celebrate the new year and your new life--together!

{Kimber} said...

you look beauty-mous!!! have fun kid!

Toby E. said...

I've only gotten a small amount of texts and no calls. I'm having withdrawls!!! But I know that means you are having and absolutely fabulous time that you sooooo deserve. Love ya and looking forward to a long phone call when you get back home. Until then, keep having a wonderful time and tell Le Sigh hello from the Toby Boby!!

Jennifer said...

Never mind about my Dioxychlor question. I'm an idiot. Google must have picked up what I wrote on the side of your blog in your "Blogs I love." :P

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch White Christmas, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.

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Anonymous said...

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