Love Love Love

I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!


Tiii-iii-iii-iiime Is On My Side - Yes, It Is

So, whatcha doing this lovely Friday morning? Hanging out at home due to a snow day? Fervently watching the news so that you are kept abreast of the impending snow doom? Sitting at work and reminding yourself that its FINAL-FUCKING-LY Friday??? All those sound like very viable options. :)

Oh, what am I doing? Nothing. Just sitting here in Hicksville, USA in traffic court. Awaiting my fate to be handed me by an assistant district attorney. Hoping that he will take pity on me. Praying that the blue button-up that I am wearing compliments my blue (at least today) eyes enough that he is willing to reduce my speeding ticket and dismiss my suspended license citation. :) Yes, I ama a rebel.

So, while I am sitting 7 rows back and waiting ever so patiently I thought I would blog. Just a bit. :) I dont really have much going on.

I am making a C in my Anatomy class. :( My 2nd exam was better than my first exam and I am feeling more comfortable about the upcoming exam, so I guess thats saying something. I have an Algebra midterm that must be finished by midnight tonight. And an English paper that needs to be worked on that is due on Monday. Whew! No wonder I am tired.

Lorelli is going through some CRAZY thing right now where she thinks its okay to yell and scream at the authority figures in her life. Which it is soooooooo not okay. She has taken to not listening and doing what she wants to. Its irritating, to say the least.

I wore a size 16 jeans on Thursday. And man, I have to tell you, I wore those jeans WELL!!! I havent worn those since before I was pregnant with Lorelli. Thats was like 5 years ago. Do you know what that feels like? You can!!! I promise.

Thats it. Just checking in with you guys. I have been grounded from all modes of communication while at work. No texting. Tweeting. FBing. Blogging. Chatting. Nothing. Apparently, when I am there, they want me to focus on work. I don't even know. hehehehe

So...just know that I miss you. And I love you. And I need love from youm. So comment away. Please? :)



Things are moving in the right direction and I am loving it

I sent this as an email to a few of you - but I am posting it. I am happy with the progression of things. If only they would progress a little bit faster. :-)

SO...things with Jennifer and I are moving along WONDEFULLY!!!

I am moving up there, to New York, in the first part of September. This has been decided. At first, AD was NOOOOOOT happy about it. And I completely understand. I would rather he move up there with us, but he can not leave his job right now. He makes WAAAAY good money and has INCREDIBLE benefits (one of which being free insurance for our daughter) that can not be beat right now. Especially not in this economy. So he will be here, at least for the foreseeable future.

He IS starting to cooperate a tad bit more about the move to York, though. He was doing some research and discovered that, since New York schools start so much later in September, as opposed to early August like we do here in the south, that Lorelli will most likely be able to start school THIS September as opposed to next September. {Note : her birthday is Sept 3 which puts her after the cutoff date of Sept 1 in the south}

We both believe she is ready for school. She knows sign language. She can sound words out and is starting to read. She can write. She knows colors. She has AWESOME word recognition. She knows her address. I know it sounds like I am bragging (I am a little bit) but I am really just saying that I am ecstatic that she will hopefully be starting school this fall.

So, due to this new news (I love saying that - new news - it makes me snicker) he has begun to cooperate and be less hateful about the move. He/we definitely want the best for Lorelli and we both agree that being IN SCHOOL is going to be much better for her than not.

Basically, the time line looks like this:
NEXT WEEK!!! I am going to New York for another childless vacation for 5 days
March - Jennifer will be coming down to GA for 9 days. We will spend 3 of those in Texas WITH LORELLI (this will be their first meeting) so she can meet my friends (mama4real) and my family.
May - Lorelli and I will meet Jennifer at the halfway point of Lexington, VA
July - Lorelli and I will go for a whole week to NY for my 30th {EGADS} birthday
September - I will finish with classes the first week. Jennifer is flying down from NY to help us pack everything up. AD (yes you read that right) and Jennifer and Lorelli and I will drive to NY with all our stuff. AD will stay there for a couple days because right after we get there - school will be starting and he ABSOLUTELY wants to see her off on her first day of school. Then he will go back home.
December - Lorelli will go with her daddy to Mexico for Christmas with his grandparents and aunts and uncles.



Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. But only AFTER you read my post, of course.

I am NOT writing this post at 1 a.m. I would never stay up so late knowing I have SUCH a busy week ahead of me. That is ridiculous.

I did NOT stay up until midnight retaking my stinkin' Algebra exam only to get a worse score than I had originally. What the eff would that be about? No way did that happen in MY house.

I did NOT take the Algebra test so late because I absolutely refused to do any school related work yesterday. I did not laze about watching movies and playing on the computer and chatting with friends. Nope. I am super responsible and always adhere to the idea that work must be completed before playtime.

While I was NOT lazing about on a Saturday (and a lot of today, also), I did NOT stay in pajammies. And its a good thing because they were definitely NOT the pajammies that I put on Friday night when I got home from work.

I am NOT so in awe of some of the people I follow in bloggy land and on Twitter that I thought it was UBER awesome for @MckMama to follow me and @barefootfoodie to say I am in her faves column. Woot Woot. That would emblazon me with the word NERD (or stalker) across my forehead.

I did NOT, for the first time since moving into the new apt, wash, dry, and fold ALLLLLL the laundry. I, of course, stay on top of this at all times. Laundry never is piled on the bed so that there is only a sliver for me to lie in at night.

I am NOT BEYOND excited that tomorrow I am finally getting my car back. I have not driven, or even sat in, my car since Christmas Day. I miss my baby. And its definitwly NOT going to cost me an arm, a leg, and perhaps YOUR first born child to get it out. Yikes!

I am NOT even more excited than that to announce (to the whole world on a regular basis) that I am going BACK to New York. For a delayed Valentine's weekend. With the woman who is so very NOT the best girlfriend ever. (Except for the part where she mocked the Denver Broncos...How Dare She?!?!)

I am NOT excited for the appearance of Le Swoon into my awesome Julonberisse's life. The three of us that were so broken this summer seem to be happy and thriving and finding ourselves waking up in a much better place in our lives.

And lastly...I am soooooo very NOT thankful for all the amazing people I have met online who have become incredible friends..You guys do NOT lift my spirits, make me laugh, cry with me, and keep me feeling strong. I're just bloggy friends....not the friends that I call (text) most often...RIGHT?!?! I do NOT absolutely love you guys.