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I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!


Tiii-iii-iii-iiime Is On My Side - Yes, It Is

So, whatcha doing this lovely Friday morning? Hanging out at home due to a snow day? Fervently watching the news so that you are kept abreast of the impending snow doom? Sitting at work and reminding yourself that its FINAL-FUCKING-LY Friday??? All those sound like very viable options. :)

Oh, what am I doing? Nothing. Just sitting here in Hicksville, USA in traffic court. Awaiting my fate to be handed me by an assistant district attorney. Hoping that he will take pity on me. Praying that the blue button-up that I am wearing compliments my blue (at least today) eyes enough that he is willing to reduce my speeding ticket and dismiss my suspended license citation. :) Yes, I ama a rebel.

So, while I am sitting 7 rows back and waiting ever so patiently I thought I would blog. Just a bit. :) I dont really have much going on.

I am making a C in my Anatomy class. :( My 2nd exam was better than my first exam and I am feeling more comfortable about the upcoming exam, so I guess thats saying something. I have an Algebra midterm that must be finished by midnight tonight. And an English paper that needs to be worked on that is due on Monday. Whew! No wonder I am tired.

Lorelli is going through some CRAZY thing right now where she thinks its okay to yell and scream at the authority figures in her life. Which it is soooooooo not okay. She has taken to not listening and doing what she wants to. Its irritating, to say the least.

I wore a size 16 jeans on Thursday. And man, I have to tell you, I wore those jeans WELL!!! I havent worn those since before I was pregnant with Lorelli. Thats was like 5 years ago. Do you know what that feels like? You can!!! I promise.

Thats it. Just checking in with you guys. I have been grounded from all modes of communication while at work. No texting. Tweeting. FBing. Blogging. Chatting. Nothing. Apparently, when I am there, they want me to focus on work. I don't even know. hehehehe

So...just know that I miss you. And I love you. And I need love from youm. So comment away. Please? :)



Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Look at you in your size 16s, girl! Way to go!!! :)

And UGH - at the mention of that much schoolwork I think my brain shut down a little. What's your major?

CJ said...

Um, delete that comment from The Imperfect Christian. I was logged into the wrong Blogger account! But I am still impressed you wrote the entire entry without using the word "UHaul"!!

Sophia's Mom said...

Oh no! Grounded!!! I had been wondering where you were!

How will we know how everything is going??

Mama4Real said...

I don't know WHAT is up w/ my blogreel and why it's not updating. I can log in over 3 days and it doesn't change. Sorry I've been missin your posts! Definitely noticing the lack of tweetage too!

Congrats on the 16! That's amazing!