Love Love Love

I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!


Past time to post

This is what I was informed of today. :-) So, I am posting. It will be short. And to the point. :-) going. I am way overwhelmed. I didn't expect it to be so difficult. But...working and going to school and being a single mom (I am still claiming this title for now because I really get very little help) is just REALLY killing me. My grades are nowhere near where they should be. I have finals this week and next. I am just praying to make it through!!! work. It is somewhat demanding. We have been banned (I think I told you all this) from internet apps. :-( It saddens me. But I still keep up with you guys on my breaks, not to worry. And also, perhaps, when no one is looking. But probably not. {If anyone is looking, right now} no longer sick with the plague, or whatever strep shit that she had. She is moving on. {And she sent the evilness my way) She had a busy outside park playing weekend since it was BE-A-U-TIFUL this past weekend in Atlanta. She played on the slides and on the swings and in the tree bark. She rode her bike. She LOOOVED IT!!!! She is getting bigger and older and I don't like it one bit some days. Today (and yesterday)...she made the two of us breakfast (Oh..and her dad, too...but whatever...this is MY blog). Buttered toast. It was the sweetest thing ever. On the one hand I was all, "Awww look what my baby can do now." On the other hand I was all, "*SOB* Awww...Look what my baby can do now. *SOB*"

Jennifer...will be here in ELEVEN DAYS!!!! Yippee. Wooohooo!!! I am only a *wee* bit excited. We are driving to Texas so she can meet my best friends and family. I am a bit nervous. But I will get over it. It is sooo awesome. Then we will be back in Atlanta. We have dinner with friends planned. An Athenstravaganza. A movie night. A museum day with Lorelli (hopefully). And lots of cuddling and canoodling. hehehe I just love the word canoodling. It makes me snicker.

OH...and you are probably wondering...about the recent trip to Ithaca. I had a blast. An absolutely wonderful time. I FINALLY got into Ithaca sometime around midnight instead of shortly after ten, due to the snow in Ithaca. When I got there...there were flowers waiting. In her hand at the airport, and also back at the house. And flannel jammies with CUPCAKES ON THEM!!! I made breakfast the next morning of pancakes, eggs, and turkey sausage. We went to the elementary school where Lorelli will be attending. We discovered that we will be the enrolled in the after-school program (that is one HILARIOUS story). I made cupcakes for her work and took them to her on Friday, which means I drove around town by myself a little bit. I made an AWESOME dinner for us on Friday night which she ABSOLULTELY loved (or faked really well). We watched the Time Traveller's Wife (which I absolutely loved - and cried through). Saturday there was shopping. Sunday there was brunch and deer and weird queso with olives in the bottom of it. And Monday...there was goodbye. Again. I hate that part!!!! But, like I was an amazing time...and she will be here in ELEVEN DAYS!!! So, before I leave are some pictures from the trip.



{Kimber} said...

I haven't posted since Thursday myself...just blah and busy
only 2 days for me :)

LBDDiaries said...

Here's to the Power of the Tweet. You did good!

queen dani said...

Yay! Awesome!
I feel you on the school thing, it seems as soon as I have any kind of expectations about how I will do or even how I want to do I instantly suck. *boo* :) Sounds like you're doing better than me though! Hang in there lady!

Just Like Birdie said...

This is what happiness looks like. YAY you!