Love Love Love

I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!


It is done

I told Patricia and Grady that Jennifer and I are going to be married. And that next week I am enrolling Lorelli in kindergarten in New York. And that she and I are moving in July. And that I am sorry I did not tell them sooner.

They are upset, as I knew they would be. They said they knew it would happen one day. And that they know I have to follow my heart.



As if she wasn't spoiled enough, already

Life with Jennifer is going to be different for all of us. I have never had someone care as much about me as she does. She wants to do things for me that I don't want to have to do. She wants to take burdens off of my shoulders. She wants to be the one that makes me smile every morning. It is amazing. She seriously WANTS to take care of us. Every day. For all the rest of our days. It amazes me.

But about Lorelli. She is getting Lorelli's room ready for us to move there. She has decided to do it in a garden theme. It's going to be gorgeous. She and her mother went shopping this weekend and got ALLLLL kinds of stuff for L's soon-to-be room. And she has picked out the colors to paint the walls that will coordinate the room. It's amazing. Jennifer has all these plans and ideas and they aren't JUST plans and ideas. She is putting them into motion.

After all...there are only 77 days until we move to New York. It is fast approaching.

Here are some pictures of the stuff for Lorelli's room.



I am bothered

Were you guys science nerds like I was in high school? Do you remember that show, Quantum Leap? How about one of you lovely, faithful, kind-hearted readers do me a favor? One of you, please, jump into my body and help me out. I have yet to tell the babysitters that Lorelli and I are moving in less than 80 days.

I know...I know...I still have time. But, no....really. These are not just babysitters to Lorelli and me. They are practically family. Lorelli is definitely family to them. They have a whole wall devoted to her (well, 1/2 a wall) photos over the years. They have offered me, on several different occasions, a place to stay if I needed it. They have shown us nothing but kindness and love and affection. Life here in Georgia would not have been near as bearable without them. And I have no idea how I would have made it through the last four years without them.

So....telling them that I am moving is going to basically be telling them that I am taking their grandchild away from them. And I know it is going to break their hearts. And I hate the thought of that.

But I also know that I deserve to be happy. And Jennifer is who makes me happy. And I can not sacrifice my happiness for others' happiness any longer.

SO....who wants to help me out???



Jennifer in Atlanta

I am sooo behind...but the reason is...I HAVE AN A IN ALL 3 OF MY CLASSES RIGHT NOW!! I have really been putting a lot of effort into my classes and studying. Even in A&P I am rocking a 97. :-) I made a 99 on the 1st test which is a FAR cry from the 68 I made on the first test LAST term!!!

OK....I left you with the drive Monday evening, right?

That started out fun. We left so late because we had enjoyed the day so much with my Toby. Then we left Toby to go to the James Avery store to look at rings. We discovered that because my ring is not exactly straight across, I will not be able to wear my engagement ring and my wedding ring on the same finger. Its a big bummer. But I will get over it.

We finally left Arlington sometime around 9 pm. This meant that we had approximately a 13 hour trip back to Atlanta. After we had already been awake and hanging out all day long. YIKES!!! I drove first and let Jennifer get a little bit of sleep for a while. She picked up the second leg from about midnight to 7 or so. Then I drove again until we got home. We would have been home sooner but FIFTEEN MILES FROM HOME there was a big old wreck on the highway (of course) and we were stuck in STOPPED traffic. But FINALLY we made it home. And we all decided to lay down. And nap. L had woken up around the time of the great driving switch-off at breakfast time and she had not slept too well in the car anyway. So we laid down. And slept. For several hours.

We took L to dinner at a pizza buffet on Tuesday night. At one point I say Jennifer looking around with a look of bewilderment or awe or horror...I wasn't quite sure which. So I asked her. And she said something along the lines of it is a far cry from what she is used to seeing in Ithaca and was a bit overwhelmed by the chaos of it all. I simply look forward to the day when I can escape from all of the chaos here and live a bit more of a laidback life. Atlanta is not near the bustle of DFW - but it is still fast paced enough to make you dizzy some days.

Wednesday we were kinda lazy throughout the day. We stayed around the house cleaning and unpacking and spending time together. After naptime we started preparing dinner for a couple of my friends to come over and enjoy with us and meet Jennifer. We (she) grilled pork chops and turkey chops (actually turkey breast cutlets). We had a yummy fruit salad with an orange cream cheese fruit drizzle. There was asparagus and spinach garlic parmesan rice. It was a DELICIOUS dinner. And my friends all loved Jennifer. Even more than that, they loved US together. The conversation was lighthearted and fun. And there was never a dull moment nor lull in conversation.

Thursday we hung around the house for a while. Went and got the dance clothes from the babysitter's house. On the way out, Jennifer and Lorelli were playing around - Jennifer carrying L around. As I was stepping to the side to move out of the way, Jennifer stepped on my foot. As is natural instinct, I tried to pull my flip flopped foot out from under her sneakered foot. In the process, I twisted my foot somehow. And toe was broken. It is quite a painful thing. (A month later it is still painful but not dire any longer) We then went to Fry's and talked to a few people and introduced my FIANCE to my old co-workers. We took L to dance class and watched her not focus and not do all the dances right. (Recently, her dance instructor passed away and they are now working with a new instructor and its a bit stressful on all parties involved. Especially since they are having to learn new dances since Ms Debbie had not shared the dances they were working on with anyone.) We did a little shopping afterward. I actually went into Dots and did not buy ONE SINGLE thing because we were ALLLL tired and ready for a nap. Thursday night we drove out to Athens to meet the final 1/4 of Julonberisse, MizzPanter. We had a lovely evening for the most part. I was told how incredibly awesome my incredibly awesome fiance was (is). I met Sir LeSigh. We had fries with Feta Dressing. MMMMM Good convo. Silly pictures were taken, of course. And, oh yeah, I was limping hard core by then due to the broken toe. We ended up parting ways with Beautiful Classy MizzPanter sometime around 3 I think and made our way home.

Friday, we made a picnic and went to the park with L. Jennifer and Lorelli played together and had some gooood bonding time. They played on the swings. Hung upside down on this big climbing thing. They played with bubbles. They played fetch (L's idea). And we lounged about together some more.

I had such a great time with my two girls. It was amazing. I think the week went better than we could have planned it. Lorelli and Jennifer bonded. I really felt as if we would DEFINITELY be able to make one cohesive family unit.

Jennifer got back on an airplane Satursay morning. We all three cried. Hard. Big old tears. But, that morning Jennifer bought Lorelli and me some tickets to NY for May 6-10. We are going up there to register Lorelli for Kindergarten. And for Mother's Day. It should be an amazing time. I can not wait. And it made it a tad bit more bearable to let her go, knowing that I would definitely be seeing her in 6 weeks. :-)




So....vaca update from two weeks ago. Sorry it has taken so long, but I am a busy girl. I started school right after she left. I had to go back to work. I am hobbling around on a broken toe. And I am an engaged woman and life is just....SWELL!!! (And a bit different)

Saturday...well you know how that went. We finally made it to my momma's house around 11:30 or midnight and it was snowing in DFW. AGAIN!! We got my sleepy kiddo from her grandma's house where she had been for the last week and headed on over to my Toby's house. It was a long, emotional, exciting, fun day. But I was DEFINITELY ready to get there and get to SLEEP. For the first time as a FIANCE. :-) *SIGH*

Sunday, L, of course, woke up early. That's what she does. She came and crawled in bed with us and chatted and laid there and was her cute, little, sleepy self. We were all excited because we had a BUSY day ahead of us. L was going to be staying with Larry (Toby's husband) and their girls while Toby, Jennifer and I went to Razzoo's for some GATOR PUNCH and FRIED PICKLES! We were going to pick up Jennifer's friends that had driven from Austin the night before and I was going to meet them for the first time. Then we were meeting a couple of MY friends at the restaurant. Just a big get to know you, hanging out, leisurely time together.

Later Sunday after the lunch and drinks we went and picked up Lorelli and then drove ALLL THE WAAAYYY ACROSS TOWN to meet up with my awesome (NOW IRL) friends, Julie and Kimber. And my kiddo hung out with their kiddo. We talked about each other. And how very "SURREAL" it was to be actually sitting with each other after becoming such close friends over the last year or so. We talked about MckMama. We talked about the missing component of JULONBERISSE. We just talked. In person. Together. It was amazing. And far too short of a visit. :-(

And then there was Sunday night dinner. Twenty or so amazing people that mean everything to me joined us in celebrating our engagement. It really was a special night. I had a new dress. My fiance was wearing my shoes. Lorelli was beautiful. The food was amazing. It was an incredible evening and I am so blessed to have been able to have shared it with everyone.

Monday, we had planned on leaving early(ish) to make our way back to Georgia, but since it was such a beautiful day we did what you are supposed to do on gorgeous days. WENT SHOPPING, OF COURSE!! Oh, we also had lunch outside with Toby, and played with the kiddos and stuff. hehehehe

We left late Monday evening and drove through the night to get back to Georgia. That is going to have to be a whole other post. I am sleepy. But make sure you come back. There are at least two more posts in which I will explain the picture below...




So, I know its early on...BUT...I just had to tell all of you avid and enraptured readers of mine that right now...I have an A in Anatomy. Never mind that there have only been 3 homework assignments thus far. I am taking every victory, no matter how small it it. I need it. I beat myself up pretty darn bad two weeks ago when I got a D in that class. My lovely FIANCE said that all my close peeps were on suicide watch. I promise it wasn't THAT bad. But I was really low. But this term I am not going down like that. I am going to study my behind off. And I WILL (I hope) make an A in this stinkin class. :)

Oh...I am also taking Intro to Sociology which seems like it will be fairly interesting. And I am taking Intro to Microcomputers, which I believe will bore me to tears.


April Fools!

If you were a bit confused by today....GOOD!!! You were supposed to be.

pBd is an AWESOME blog and you should go check it out. I did not really sell my blog to her. I love you guys and would never sell you. Unless the price was right. And it wasn't. Really.

As soon as I get into a groove with these new classes I will be back to blog about Jennifer's trip down here to Atlanta, our trip to Texas, and our trip back to Atlanta.

There was lots of hand holding, crying, kissing, playing, sunshine, clouds, DRIVING, food, friends, shopping, cooking, napping, and BONDING!!!!!


Blog World Domination by Dumb Mom

Hello everyone, I am Dumb Mom (yes, THE Dumb Mom), and I’m here representing the bestes blog eva parenting BY dummies.

I have been an active member of the blogging community since December, 2008, which means I am coming up on my 18 month blog-a-versary.

I have experienced some success with my blog (you know stuff that matters like followers, traffic, comments, Google page rank), but nothing to really write home about (not that I have to since my mother stalks my blog shamelessly).

But, I haven’t gotten to the point where I feel accomplished or truly successful as a blogger (aka the point at which the money begins to roll in).

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t live in Crazy Blogger Delisuionalville so I know that I’m not likely to be the next Dooce (no PPD ravings here) or the next Pioneer Woman (no sexy cowboy hubby either), but you know, I kinda would like to be a respected member of the blogging community.

And, I’m sorta sick of waiting for my content to make it happen for me.

Plus, I don’t know anybody (‘cause you know, blogging, like real life, is a lot about who you know), at least not anybody who likes me wants to let me ride their coattails to the top support my “brand”.

So I came up with a new plan.

A plan to ensure blog-world domination in as little as 6 weeks.

A genius plan really.

To eliminate to competition and make people like me catapult me to the top.

Buying blogs!

That’s right people, B-U-Y-I-N-G them.

I figured that one of the main obstacles standing in the way of my become-a-popular-blogger-so-people-will-pay-me plan is that the market is becoming a bit saturated.

It’s getting too hard to have a blog.

Now you have to worry about annoyingly time consuming junk like personal branding, SEO, building a blog community, and other stuff I’ll let you know about when I figure out what it is.

And.  You need a niche.

A niche that is supported by good content.

I don’t have a niche (unless you call being a suckit mom who is strangely funny a niche), or time to think about my brand, or brains to master SEO.

So, I’m taking the easy way out…MONEY.

It may not be able to buy you love (which I’m not sure I agree with) but it can buy you blogs, because everyone needs it and most of us like it (which is more than I can say for my blog).

So the other night when I sat down to do my figuring, I figured that what I need to do is get some cash, find some in-the-market-for-some-cash bloggers, and give it to them to to go away let me be the creative director on their sites.

Basically they post about me and me related material and all is well.

And, guess what?!

It worked!

I’ve turned 12 of them so far!

So instead of reading about Mama B’s peanut butter life, or Angie’s Seven Clowns, or Jen’s Hipness, or KMama’s Daily Dribbles, or Marf Mom’s Marfan, or When SHE became her mom, or Being a former Fatty, or how HER Life Gone Awry, or Amy’s B Hole, or Supah’s Adventures, or Faemom’s Faeness?, or Chicken Nugget’s Wisdom, or even Sunday’s Extreme Parenthood, you get to read about moi.

Before they sign off for good for the duration of their written-in-blood contracts they have each written one last post for you here: parenting BY dummies.

I urge you to give them a chance to explain why they’ve sold you out to The Man (The Man being ME) succumbed to the Dumb.

Come on over and say adios to your beloved bloggers.  MWAHAHAHA!!!

P.S. I am currently not on the hunt for other blogs to dominate as I have run into a bit of an issue with my blog-world-domination budget plan.  #therecessionisruiningeverything