Love Love Love

I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!



I am so sorry. Can you ever forgive me???

I have not posted about my Mother's Day Weekend and Lorelli's kindergarten registration.

We got in {FINALLY} Thursday afternoon and drove over to Momma's house and hung out there for a bit. We went to dinner and Lorelli was VERY VERY good, despite being drug all over the airport all day and not getting a nap. We only had one near meltdown which was easily averted by "Grandma Patti" stepping in and saying the right thing.

Lorelli is sooo cute. She hugged Patti and said, "Can I call you Grandma?"

Friday was kindergarten registration. Lorelli was sooooo ready. I was not. Jennifer...was almost as excited as Lorelli was. And they were both rushing me to hurry up and get ready and let's go. I can tell already how life is going to be....and it makes me smile. Anyway...the teachers were UBER impressed with Lorelli and she passed all her little "tests" with FLYING colors. Especially the one where she won them all over. The PE teacher told her that she was great and she said, "Thank you. You're a great teacher." *SWOOOON* I just love that little kid.

Lorelli loved her room that I posted about a couple days ago. She touched just about everything in it. And had questions about it all. I think she was kind of in awe. I know I was/am.

Saturday morning L and "Mommy Jennifer" went over into the next town to buy my Mother's Day present and let me get some homework done. This actually ended up letting me sleep in until after 11 a.m. which is not a luxury I usually get.

We went to the dinosaur museum and had a ton of fun. L got to play with all these little toy dinosaurs, which just might have been her favorite part of the whole museum. I definitely want to go back some time to go through the dinosaur museum on my own.

We went to an awesome kid's learning museum type thing that was WAAAY fun for everyone. There were water things to learn from. Sound makers. A soundproof booth. An area called Bubbleology. It was just way awesome.

Really...we had fun. And we are ALLLL counting down the days until we move, which by the way there are only 45 of those left. It was completely amazing to be able to spend our first Mother's Day together, actually together. I look forward to many many more.

Laying in bed after a loooooong day. Her little arms cover up our my double chins.

Taughannock Falls with Jennifer and her Momma

Getting ready to go into the dino museum

Catching snow...ON MOTHER'S DAY!!!

Hanging out at the park - this is how we DO!!!



Sappines Abounds

So...I have been thinking...I's a scary thing and you hope I do not do it too often, but bear with me here. I have been thinking that I could not have asked for a better person to fall in love with. My Jennifer is everything I have ever asked for in ANY kind of partner. She is giving, kind, affectionate, loving, doting, hard-working, energetic, romantic, protective, and many many more things.

But today...I am thinking of her sweet and romantic side. The side that makes me feel like a pretty pretty princess. The side that makes me feel like there is not another girl in the whole world. And today....I share some of the things that she has said that make me feel so very special. She may very well hate that I share these things because they will prove just how soft and sweet she can be. :-) But then again..most of you already know that about her anyway. Just don't go spreading that info around Ithaca...we have a reputation to uphold. HA!

"I love you. It sucks not hearing your voice last thing before I fall asleep" -- I was extremely tired and fell asleep WAY early and WAY before she was ready for bed,

"You are so cute with your enthusiastic love for things." -- I was UBER excited about Plum Pomegranate Green Tea.

"Send me a pic of you. I miss your pretty face."

"You look really pretty tonight - sometimes when we are apart I forget, just a little, exactly how beautiful you are." -- I went to a friend's going away/ birthday party and was dolled up just a little

"Baby i was born to write this story i don't need the cliff notes." -- I used to tell her that I felt she "said" all the right things, like maybe someone had given her the Cliff Notes to Charisse

Those are just a few of the sweet things she has said in the last COUPLE days. :-) *LE SIIIIIIIIIGH*

Just thought I would share with you all exactly WHO I am in love with. Who has changed my mind on the idea of marriage. Who I am choosing to spend every day for the rest of my life with.



Lorelli's new room

The new room that Jennifer and her mother have been working so hard on is practically finished. Check out the awesome photos.

Spoiled much??



I Heart Faces - Flowers

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Never Again

I am very tempted to say that I am never going to fly anywhere again. Or at least that I am never going to fly into or out of Ithaca again. I have very bad luck when flying to and fro Ithaca.

The first trip out there, if you will remember (or did I even tell you guys?), my flight home was canceled and I had to get another flight the next day out of a different airport. And due to the snow and weather in GEORGIA - THAT FLIGHT was delayed over an hour and a half.

My second trip to Ithaca, the snow and ice was so bad that our flight was delayed out of Newark, NJ by more than 2 hours and there was a touch and go moment when they weren't even sure that we were going to GET to fly out of there that night.

And this trip....oooo THIS trip. This trip was a cluster EFF from the first moment we set foot on the train.

We missed our flight out and had to be rescheduled to a direct flight into Syracuse. This was all made possible by the Marta train getting stuck at one station, the airport train doors not working properly to open and close and then STAY closed, a four year old who needed to potty, a gate change, and simple JONES luck.

Then...on the way back to Atlanta, the flight out of Ithaca was delayed, which caused us to miss our connecting flight in Newark. We had been back-up booked on a Delta flight that left an hour later, but because we had to exit security to get to the next terminal, and when we went back through security we were chosen to "randomly" have our bags checked which took even more time. By the time we got to the gate, THAT flight was gone. UGH! So, we were placed on standby on an overbooked flight that was the last flight out that night to ATL. Jennifer had already called a local hotel and made sure we would be able to get booked there, in case we didn't get out of the Newark airport. the grace of GOD, we were able to get on the flight and finally get back to Atlanta. Poor little Lorelli was soooo good all day. And she was so tired that she was asleep within moments of getting her pretzels.



Goings On

Lots of things happening lately.

Last week, at the urging of Jennifer and my mother and my friend, Queen Dani, I went to the doctor last week and had my blood sugar tested. I was told years ago that I was pre-diabetic and that I should be cautious. But that was years and years ago. Occasionally I feel like I am having problems with my sugar, but it could just be what I ate. Or me being low in iron. But...I have diabetes in my family on several sides, so it is always something that the doctors watch on me. WELL.....HALLELUJAH I do not have diabetes. Or even pre-diabetes for that matter. My A1C was only 5.6, which is pretty good. Pre-diabetes is 6.0 - 6.5 and diabetes is 6.5 and above. They also tested my cholesterol, both good and bad, and triglycerides. And everything came back well within the healthy limits, so that is GOOD news. *WHEW*

Secondly, you know I am retaking Anatomy & Physiology this quarter, right? Well...we just passed the halfway point. AND I STILL HAVE AN A!!! YIPPEEE!!!!! I know I am probably too old to be saying yippee....but whatever. I am super excited. And the A I have is not the kind that is hanging on by a thread and hoping it does not fall down to a B. Nope, thus far I have an A+ in A&P. And also in Microcomputers and in Sociology. I am feeling very good about myself right now.

My nephew has his First Communion this weekend. I am super excited for him. I am SO VERY NOT Catholic, but I know it means a lot to him and he is nervous about tripping or something on the way up. He is just the cutest little thing.

Lastly, I am proud of me. I was able to pack mine and Lorelli's clothes for a whole weekend in New York with just our carry-on luggage. SO GREAT!!! We are leaving in the morning (Thursday) and will be back on Monday evening. And while we are there....get this...IT MIGHT SNOW!!! On Mother's Day there are snow showers in the forecast. We will see.

On that note...speaking of New York....I am going to go to bed. I have a long day filled with airports and layovers and a 4 year old to deal with tomorrow. You will be hearing from me soon. :-)




So, today, I told Lorelli that she needed to get to bed and get some sleep tonight because she would be "going to work with Mommy in the morning." She got all excited as she LOVES to go to work with me. The she said, "I'm going to work with YOU my mommy?" I said, "Well what other mommy would you be going with?" To which she responded, without even thinking about it, "Jennifer."

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW *TEAR* It was the sweetest thing EVER!!

Also...I am super duper excited about something. Mother's day is coming up. This is our first Mother's Day together. And we will actually be together. Lorelli and I will be in New York. Spending Mother's Day together with Jennifer and her mother. I could not be happier. Starting traditions and spending family time together.

When talking about Mother's Day, I always get a little teary. I have been a mother for almost 13 years now. I gave the precious gift of life and the chance for a family to a very special couple. And while I may never get to hear Pierce say, "Happy Mother's Day" to me, it moves me, almost to tears, to know that he is saying it to her.