Love Love Love

I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!


Lorelli's new room

The new room that Jennifer and her mother have been working so hard on is practically finished. Check out the awesome photos.

Spoiled much??



pixielation said...

It's truly beautiful! My favourite bit is the own picture. The colours are gorgeous throught the whole room.

She's not spoilt, but she's very lucky!

{Kimber} said...

DUDE!!!!!!!!! that is seriously ADORABLE!!!!!!!
those little owls are too cute...where did she find that? I'm thinking of redoing Ry's room--think she could come do it for me!? :)

Anonymous said...

LOL spoiled, yes but there is nothing wrong with that :-) Looks amazing!

Heather said...

Do you think Jennifer and her mom will adopt me too?


Mama4Real said...

DUDE!!!! Wow. She'll love it!

Toby E. said...

My name is Lorelli and I can't wait to move in!!!!! Seriously a fabulous job and I can't wait to come and sleep in there this fall! Thank you Lorelli for letting me!

Laura said...

So cute!!! I love the owls. I wish I was creative enough to do something like this for my girls.

LBDDiaries said...

This room is amazing - they did an incredible job! Do they want to come remodel my new house? Please?? They can swim in the pool - bribe - afterwards!