Love Love Love

I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!



I am so sorry. Can you ever forgive me???

I have not posted about my Mother's Day Weekend and Lorelli's kindergarten registration.

We got in {FINALLY} Thursday afternoon and drove over to Momma's house and hung out there for a bit. We went to dinner and Lorelli was VERY VERY good, despite being drug all over the airport all day and not getting a nap. We only had one near meltdown which was easily averted by "Grandma Patti" stepping in and saying the right thing.

Lorelli is sooo cute. She hugged Patti and said, "Can I call you Grandma?"

Friday was kindergarten registration. Lorelli was sooooo ready. I was not. Jennifer...was almost as excited as Lorelli was. And they were both rushing me to hurry up and get ready and let's go. I can tell already how life is going to be....and it makes me smile. Anyway...the teachers were UBER impressed with Lorelli and she passed all her little "tests" with FLYING colors. Especially the one where she won them all over. The PE teacher told her that she was great and she said, "Thank you. You're a great teacher." *SWOOOON* I just love that little kid.

Lorelli loved her room that I posted about a couple days ago. She touched just about everything in it. And had questions about it all. I think she was kind of in awe. I know I was/am.

Saturday morning L and "Mommy Jennifer" went over into the next town to buy my Mother's Day present and let me get some homework done. This actually ended up letting me sleep in until after 11 a.m. which is not a luxury I usually get.

We went to the dinosaur museum and had a ton of fun. L got to play with all these little toy dinosaurs, which just might have been her favorite part of the whole museum. I definitely want to go back some time to go through the dinosaur museum on my own.

We went to an awesome kid's learning museum type thing that was WAAAY fun for everyone. There were water things to learn from. Sound makers. A soundproof booth. An area called Bubbleology. It was just way awesome.

Really...we had fun. And we are ALLLL counting down the days until we move, which by the way there are only 45 of those left. It was completely amazing to be able to spend our first Mother's Day together, actually together. I look forward to many many more.

Laying in bed after a loooooong day. Her little arms cover up our my double chins.

Taughannock Falls with Jennifer and her Momma

Getting ready to go into the dino museum

Catching snow...ON MOTHER'S DAY!!!

Hanging out at the park - this is how we DO!!!



Mama4Real said...

So what did you get for M's day?

LBDDiaries said...

You guys look COLD in that last pic! Lorelli is such a little doll and I would touch everything in her amazing room, to - it is incredible!!

kym said...

Did you say snow on Mother's Day??

Nice photos...pure happiness.

{Kimber} said...

glad your mother's day was great!! what WAS the prezzie?

Jennifer said...

She got a diamond necklace with two hearts, one big one small, for the big and small hearts that beat for her.