Love Love Love

I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!


{Not So} Wordless Wednesday

I realize I have not talked about my weight loss in a while. That is because I have not lost weight in a while. I am hanging in at the same place I have been for six months. Of course, this in and of itself, I think, is pretty spectacular. I am staying right at 210. And while this is NOT where I want to be. It is a far cry from the 245 I started at last year. I am pretty much a size 16 down from a size 22. This makes me happy. And to see what that difference looks like...Here are two pictures. One from last year. One from last month.

I bought some hand weights. And I got the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I am hoping that once I get going again, the weight and size will start to come off again. Once we move, Jennifer and I have promised to support each other. She is going to help me work out. I am going to cook dinner with her and for her at night. We are in this together for the rest of our lives. And I want that to be a LOOOOONG time.



Random Tuesday


SO...I have not done a meme in a WHILE!! And since there is so much going on in my little head...I thought I would do this one. Check out PrincessAndy because she is way awesome and "inspired" me today. And then head on over to The Un Mom to read everyone else's Random Thoughts.

I miss Texas for one reason (mostly just one) only - I miss the sno cone/shaved ice stand on Western Center Blvd in N Richland Hills with 75 flavors that was open even in the winter. Do you know what they do not have out here in stupid GA? SNO CONES!!! I think that for my going away/birthday you should all pool together and buy me this or this :

I want wings and beer. I am craving vinegar. Or maybe that tart taste that everything that comes in vinegar has. Like wings. Or those little bitty banana pepper things in vinegar that my great grandmother used to have. Or pickles. SOMETHING!!!

I will not only be 30 years old in 27 days, but I will also be ALMOST to Ithaca at this time in 27 days. The time is passing quickly, though not quickly enough.

I will have a kindergartner in less than three months.

I am so very angry at my job and haven't quite resolved that issue yet.

I hate this whole LDR thing. It is making me sad and mad and grumpy. Thank goodness it is almost over. I can see how people could give up because of how difficult it is to be in love from miles and miles apart.

I want to bake cinnamon roll cupcakes. And strawberry lemonade cupcakes. And Snickerdoodle cookies. And some kind of delicious Foccacia bread. Just because all that takes work and concentration and I need my brain to be occupied for a couple hours.

That's all. Blah. I don't want to type anymore.



Overnight Stay


We were supposed to take a little family vacation this weekend but we decided it would not be wise to spend that much money when there is so little time left to be apart. And then, it is good that we decided not to do it because as it turns out, I didn't get my bonus check from work for one reason or another. So there is no extra money to do the vacation with, after all. :-(

BUT....Jennifer was in Nashville all week with work. We decided that since we weren't going on vacation and since we had been having a tough couple weeks recently and since I FINALLY got finished with school -- I drove up to Nashville. Last night after work. And drove back this morning.

It was totally worth it. Aside from what you are was nice just to lie in the bed and talk. And see her face when she talks to me. And feel her breath on my neck as I fall asleep. I miss all of that. I miss her. It sucks being so far apart. This whole long distance thing is so much harder than anyone told me it would be.

But thank marks the very last month that we will be apart. In 31 days she will be here to load my stuff on the truck. In 32 days, I will turn 30 and we will wake up VERY EARLY and head out so that I can spend the first night of the rest of my life in New York. (If not in New York, as least with her.)

Enjoy a few pictures from the drive last night and this morning. :)




Tonight is the last of school. *SIGH* Finally. It was only two terms, but man were they long and hard. The first one was obviously much worse than this one, but they were both difficult. But the good news is that I am done. Well - after I go and take my Anatomy FINAL final. :-) I already know my final grade in my other two classes - I made A's!!! Anatomy may not be an A. But I am determined to accept the B that I will most likely end up with. And be happy with it. Because you know what ---- It is LIGHT YEARS away from the D I got last term.

OK - sorry so short - but I have to get off here and get ready to be done.