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I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!


Random Tuesday


SO...I have not done a meme in a WHILE!! And since there is so much going on in my little head...I thought I would do this one. Check out PrincessAndy because she is way awesome and "inspired" me today. And then head on over to The Un Mom to read everyone else's Random Thoughts.

I miss Texas for one reason (mostly just one) only - I miss the sno cone/shaved ice stand on Western Center Blvd in N Richland Hills with 75 flavors that was open even in the winter. Do you know what they do not have out here in stupid GA? SNO CONES!!! I think that for my going away/birthday you should all pool together and buy me this or this :

I want wings and beer. I am craving vinegar. Or maybe that tart taste that everything that comes in vinegar has. Like wings. Or those little bitty banana pepper things in vinegar that my great grandmother used to have. Or pickles. SOMETHING!!!

I will not only be 30 years old in 27 days, but I will also be ALMOST to Ithaca at this time in 27 days. The time is passing quickly, though not quickly enough.

I will have a kindergartner in less than three months.

I am so very angry at my job and haven't quite resolved that issue yet.

I hate this whole LDR thing. It is making me sad and mad and grumpy. Thank goodness it is almost over. I can see how people could give up because of how difficult it is to be in love from miles and miles apart.

I want to bake cinnamon roll cupcakes. And strawberry lemonade cupcakes. And Snickerdoodle cookies. And some kind of delicious Foccacia bread. Just because all that takes work and concentration and I need my brain to be occupied for a couple hours.

That's all. Blah. I don't want to type anymore.



Princess Andy said...

thanks for the props, girlfriend!

and please to stop talking about baked goods. my ass is large enough;)

<3 andrea

{Kimber} said...

chin up YOUNG person!!!!!!

Toby E. said...

I will have to go by there when I go to my parents this week. Some reason I want to think I heard it closed down. Will have to check.

When we were visiting in Miss. My cousin's daughter mentioned snow balls. Took me a second to figure out what she ment, but Larry and the girls had to flat out ask. Hehe. So funny how everywhere has a different term.

Now I'm craving. I am over due for finding one around here. Think I will find some change and go hunting tomorrow after work.

Time is going fast!

LBDDiaries said...

Hey girlie girl - you're gonna be OK. It's ONLY 26 days. NO LDR eating. You won't like yourself afterward. Oh, OK, you can have a sno cone (which are everywhere here) once you buy that machine. 26 days 26 days 26 days - such a short time for an entire lifestyle change. Exciting times for you!

kym said...

Happy 30th soon...and if you make either of those cupcakes I want the recipe and pictures...yum.