Love Love Love

I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!


Circus Weekend

We spent an awesome weekend in Cleveland with a good high school friend of mine that I had not seen in at least 7 years.

Eileen and I were near inseparable thoughout high school until our senior year when I missed so much school due to back problems. Then she went away to Abilene Christian University and eventually moved to Cleveland to be with her love, Steven. We lost touch for quite some time. I think she harbored a little bit of resentment towards me because I "abandoned her" our senior year. Not like I had a choice, I wasn't going to school because I couldn't walk...but that is a whole other story for a whole other time. the last couple years we have gotten back that closeness that we used to have. We have not seen each other in forever, though, because I lived in Dallas and then Atlanta, and she still lived in Cleveland. But, now that I am in Ithaca, she is only a 5 hour drive away from us. So, she emailed me a while back and told me that the circus was in town (her town) at the end of October and we should use that as an excuse to get together. (The first time I ever went to the circus was my sophomore year with her and her mother.) I talked to Jennifer about it and she said sure, we could go and make a weekend of it. So we did.

We left town on Friday and drove to Ohio. We got in around 10 and watched the end of the Rangers/Yankees final game. (Can NOT believe that the Rangers won it - very odd)

Saturday morning we woke up early and all went to this awesome little dive for breakfast. It was an awesome way to start the day. My friend had to go into work for a couple hours so her husband took us around (in his beautiful Honda Ridgeline that I want so bad) and showed us some sights. We saw the football stadium, Lake Erie, the downtown area, a submarine, some "awesome" modern art, a regional airport with lots of small jets, and we even learned a bit of history about the area.

After the tour we decided to go to the Science Center. Lorelli loves this place. We have one in Ithaca and she had a blast the last time we went there. This one was bigger and had a bit more stuff to do and look at. We had a blast. They had a NASA exhibit downstairs (I will get pics to you soon, Sara) that was pretty cool. And then upstairs they had all the sound and light and water exhibits. Lorelli had a BLAST. So did Jennifer. And, actually, so did I. They even had a big thing that let Lorelli push this table and it made something similar to our Spirograph drawings as a kid. We brought her drawing home with us. :)

After that we went back to the house because Eileen and her husband needed a resting period and Lorelli needed to eat a bit. So, we had a lunch snack and then headed into Cleveland for the circus. Lorelli loves the circus. She has been several times in the last couple years. I enjoy it very much. Jennifer has never been to the Ringling Brothers circus. So it was a lot of fun for all of us. They did 7 men on motorcycles inside of that little metal sphere. We saw a motorcycle on a highwire with a woman hanging from below do a full spin around. We saw body bending women fit into a tiny cube and then get out.Of course there were elephants, and tigers, and ponies, and even ablack and white dog. We had nachos and popcorn and cotton candy. And I, of course, took a ton of pictures!! (which I will be posting soon)

The weekend was soooo fun! We needed to be able to get away and have fun. I, unfortunately, had a sore throat for the weekend but I had fun, too.

We were even able to get in intimate time to keep up with our intimacy challenge. Jennifer and I slept in a twin bed. How much more intimate can you get? We talked about our childhoods. We held each other close (and not just so the outside person didn't fall off teeheehee). We laughed. We might have shed a tear or two. And we just strengthened the bond between us as we discussed how we want our lives to go.



I'm sorry

You ever do something to make yourself happy and then it just ends up hurting other people? I have. And I did. And it sucks.

I kept a secret from my best friend. It was very hard to do. And it hurt her feelings when she found out. It was not a big dark dirty secret. It was just something that I know that she would have liked to have known. And I didn't tell her. I didn't tell anyone. Only Jennifer knew my secret. Because it is her secret, too.

But now, my best friend feels decieved and hurt and was quite mad at me. And I, in turn, feel bad. I know...I should feel bad. This is why we don't keep secrets. Because they have a way of leaking out, right?

Things just changed. And I didn't want to talk about it. An opportunity opened up and we decided to take it. I didn't mean to hurt her feelings. And she assures me that she won't be mad forever. But, it still upsets me. I don't think that we have been mad at each other since middle school. And then...we weren't best friends and it was over something silly like her getting a higher chair in a playoff in concert band or something. I don't even remember the circumstances. I don't have any other friend in my life that I can say that I have never gotten into an argument or gone through a period of time in our relationship where we weren't talking.
Just know that I am sorry I hurt you. I didn't mean to.


Intimacy Challenge Day 7

Wow!! It has been a crazy couple days. We have still managed to get in our "intimacy time" or "intimacy experience" as we are calling it. It has not been EASY every day, that's for sure. Life throws you curveballs all the time. At least it does me, but we are still finding time for each other, no that's wrong, we are MAKING time to spend together.

I really feel like the fact that we are dong this intimacy challenge has helped us so much. We are closer. We are calmer. And we are more in tune with each other. We even had an argument the other day that would normally have lasted quite some time, but we were able to calm each other down, speak rationally, and then pull ourselves back into the tight little circle that we have formed around ourself.

Yesterday, Jennifer was off. We had plans to go to the bookstore, maybe go to the mall, run a bunch of errands. We changed those plans. We spent the day just hanging out. I made a breakfast of some AMAZING turkey bacon, scrambled cheesy eggs, and toast. Then we colored my hair. And enjoyed a long hot shower. We did some cleaning of the house. All the while we would look at each other, tell the other one how much we loved them, stand and do the rocking together dancing thing wherever we were, and just enjoy our time. It was amazing. We went to the bookstore with Lorelli after she got out of school and held hands and read magazines and books together. We came home and Jennifer's mother made a simple dinner of hot dogs last night. Then we put Lorelli in her room with some books to read because she was so tired and we retired to our room to watch the Tom Petty movie. It's so nice to just lounge around and cuddle and talk intimate.

It is really amazing to me what you can do if you just DECIDE to do it. This is a big topic at our proverbial dinner table right now. Deciding to get to a point in our life and relationship and interactions with each other. It seems to be working. It takes some gentle reminding from time to time by each of us to each of us, but it is working very well.



IC Day 3

So, yesterday was day 3 of our 30 day Intimacy Challenge. And I have to say, that it was very nice. Jennifer had to work, but was able to get off around 4. She called and asked me to stop at the local branch of her store and run something out to her branch for her. When we got there, she was just waiting on us to bring her the stuff she asked for and then she was outta there. EARLY EVEN!! We drove home (in our separate cars) and were home by 5ish.

I had decided to make chicken taco salad for dinner so I immediately washed my hands and got started choppping chicken. I asked J to help me by chopping lettuce and tomatoes for the salad and she did. Her mom was cutting up corn tortillas to make nachos, I was tending to chopping and seasoning the chicken, and J was chopping veggies and shredding cheese. L was in the living room watching "a kid show." There was some talking and laughing and cajoling, but overall, it was just a nice evening getting dinner together as a family. It really made me feel...oh I don't know...sappy, loved, appreciated, helped....something. It was nice to have her help me out on something that I ususally do myself. And I know that her idea of fun was not working all day and then coming home and chopping veggies, but it really meant a lot to me that she did that. :)

After dinner and dishes (I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher - J washed the big stuff by hand for me *squee*) and putting Lorelli to bed, we went to our room to spend some time together. We just sat on the couch and looked for a tv show to watch, got our jammies on, hung out on the bed talking and laughing and sharing, and then sat online and read some different articles together about increasing intimacy in our relationships. Most of them were a bit lame, but one did have some good suggestions. It was nice to just sit and read together and discuss what we were reading and how (or if) it applied to us and our relationship.

Only 3 days in and I DO feel a bit of a difference in the way we are with each other. The way I feel about my lovely fiance. The way we deal with things amongst ourselves. I feel very connected and (if it's even possible) even deeper in love. IN JUST THREE DAYS!!! WHEW!!! I can't imagine what 30 days will bring. :)

Oh yeah, this is the article we read last night that I really enjoyed. It is called "10 Romantic Things to do to Increase Intimacy." And an awesome thing about the article...the 10 things - cost less than $20 which is important in this economic time!!




30 days of intimacy

Jennifer and I have decided to join up on a challenge that was issued by my great friend Nan on her blog. We are going to challenge ourselves to 30 days of intimacy. Not just sex, even though that is fun, but being intimate with each other. Taking time out of our every day life (which seems to be taking time out of us) and just spend it WITH each other. No other distractions. No pushing our needs aside to take care of other things that seem pressing at the moment. This challenge was issued to Nan by her friend Pamela. Pamela puts it like this on her blog :

The Deets: For the next 30 days, every single day, make time for and engage in some kind of physical intimacy with your sweetie. You may not jump under the sheets every day, but there’s a whole world of fun you can engage in. Hold hands, Eskimo kiss, gaze into each other’s eyes, etcetera. And you can’t keep this plan a secret. You have to ask your partner to participate and commit with you. You’re going to see more posts from me on this, sharing feedback from others that are participating, feedback on how this impacts their relationships.
Jennifer and I talked about this challenge and decided to take it up. We spent a couple hours together while Lorelli was at school. Just being together. Talking and holding each other. Spending good quality time together. We continued this throughout the day, even after we picked up Lorelli from school. When we went back to Borders for movie night, we sat in the cafe and leaned against each other and read our magazines. We spoke softly and shared articles that we were reading with each other.

Come join me and these other wonderful couples and make your way through 30 days of intimacy. Blog about it as you go. We don't need the sordid details or anything, just observations and reactions that you have as you go through. :) Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Can we make it? Of course we can? Can you do it? Of course YOU can!!!

There is one can't just decide to do this on your own. Your counterpart has to be in the know and you have to be doing this TOGETHER! It takes determination and desire from both parties to make a relationship work, ya'll!! (teeheehee I never say that word, but it seemed to fit right there. I felt very Paula Deen just now.)

And for giggles, you should head on over to Plus-Size Barbie's blog and read about her first night on the 30 day challenge.

Oh yeah...this is the article that Pamela said inspired the whole diea....



4 day weekend

Yesterday was Jennifer's big 3-0 birthday. Lorelli and I got her a new Fossil Watch for her birthday because she had said that she wanted a watch a couple months ago. But, we had to take it back because she didn't care for it because it is too big of a face.

We caught an awesome sale at Bath & Body Works and got her several new body sprays and shower gels. However, we messed that up and got her two bottles of the same spray. Oh well, she likes the scent, so now she has two bottles of it. :)

And Lorelli got to choose a present for Jennifer all on her own. She thought about it all the way to the mall. She thought about a hoodie. Or a t-shirt. Or a hat. Or a movie. And finally, she decided on....

Edward - friends with Thomas the Tank Engine. So that J can play trains with L on her train set and not have to use Lorell's trains. :)

For Lorelli's birthday Jennifer built Lorelli a big train table for the train set that Jennifer's mom bought her.

Of course, now the train set is bigger and the town has more stuff going on - we took L to buy an expansion set with a gift card my mom sent her for her birthday. So now, Lorelli does not have to share her trains if Mommy Jennifer wants to play with her. LMAO!!!
Hope you all are having or have had a great weekend!!! We are. We shopped on Friday. Had birthday yesterday. And are headed to the park today. Toodaloo!
PS - The scale is sgtill sitting right on 200 pounds. It is not budging. Of course, I have not been back to the gym anytime recently, but I have been cooking at home. We rarely eat out. (Except for yesterday for Jennifer's birthday) While at the park today, L is going to ride her bike and I will be jogging/walking/running. I am determined to get down to a lesser weight. I am enjoying wearing all the smaller clothes that my awesome Mama4Real sent me.

Me in a size 14 jean that she sent me - and a L not an XL sweater
The huge pile of clothes I got sent to me!!! :)
Awesomely cute pink and white hoodie from the clothes care package
size 16 jeans and awesome black and gray shirt
sexy black mock turtleneck - also from the care clothes package!!

And just in case you gorgot - this is where I was a year and a half ago!!! I did not realize I was THHAAAAAT big. WHOA!



Quick Note

Hey all. How have you been? Busy? Oh, me too. WHEW!!! I keep saying to everyone, "This stay atg home Mom thing keeps you BUSY!!!"

Anyways...I am thinking about changing my blog up a bit. I am talking to my awesme blog design woman to make a few changes for me. I just wanted to let you guys know.

As for me...what have I been up to??? Oh..jsut watching some NetFlix. Cleaning the house. Cooking yummy dinners. Losing weight. Playing. Hiking. Interviewing. And just enjoying New York. Enjoying Lorelli. Enjoying Jennifer. Planning on getting married. Planning vacations. Being happy.

Everything is not always peachy keen and hunky dory - but for the most part - I don't have anything to complain about. I good friend of mine reminded me of that today. I really do live a wonderful life. I am healthy. I am building a beautiful family. And I get to wake every day next to the one I love. :)