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I love my wife, my kiddo, our dog, and most of all...MY LIFE! I couldn't ask for anything more than what I already have. I get to spend time with those that love me, while doing the things that I love!!!


Circus Weekend

We spent an awesome weekend in Cleveland with a good high school friend of mine that I had not seen in at least 7 years.

Eileen and I were near inseparable thoughout high school until our senior year when I missed so much school due to back problems. Then she went away to Abilene Christian University and eventually moved to Cleveland to be with her love, Steven. We lost touch for quite some time. I think she harbored a little bit of resentment towards me because I "abandoned her" our senior year. Not like I had a choice, I wasn't going to school because I couldn't walk...but that is a whole other story for a whole other time. the last couple years we have gotten back that closeness that we used to have. We have not seen each other in forever, though, because I lived in Dallas and then Atlanta, and she still lived in Cleveland. But, now that I am in Ithaca, she is only a 5 hour drive away from us. So, she emailed me a while back and told me that the circus was in town (her town) at the end of October and we should use that as an excuse to get together. (The first time I ever went to the circus was my sophomore year with her and her mother.) I talked to Jennifer about it and she said sure, we could go and make a weekend of it. So we did.

We left town on Friday and drove to Ohio. We got in around 10 and watched the end of the Rangers/Yankees final game. (Can NOT believe that the Rangers won it - very odd)

Saturday morning we woke up early and all went to this awesome little dive for breakfast. It was an awesome way to start the day. My friend had to go into work for a couple hours so her husband took us around (in his beautiful Honda Ridgeline that I want so bad) and showed us some sights. We saw the football stadium, Lake Erie, the downtown area, a submarine, some "awesome" modern art, a regional airport with lots of small jets, and we even learned a bit of history about the area.

After the tour we decided to go to the Science Center. Lorelli loves this place. We have one in Ithaca and she had a blast the last time we went there. This one was bigger and had a bit more stuff to do and look at. We had a blast. They had a NASA exhibit downstairs (I will get pics to you soon, Sara) that was pretty cool. And then upstairs they had all the sound and light and water exhibits. Lorelli had a BLAST. So did Jennifer. And, actually, so did I. They even had a big thing that let Lorelli push this table and it made something similar to our Spirograph drawings as a kid. We brought her drawing home with us. :)

After that we went back to the house because Eileen and her husband needed a resting period and Lorelli needed to eat a bit. So, we had a lunch snack and then headed into Cleveland for the circus. Lorelli loves the circus. She has been several times in the last couple years. I enjoy it very much. Jennifer has never been to the Ringling Brothers circus. So it was a lot of fun for all of us. They did 7 men on motorcycles inside of that little metal sphere. We saw a motorcycle on a highwire with a woman hanging from below do a full spin around. We saw body bending women fit into a tiny cube and then get out.Of course there were elephants, and tigers, and ponies, and even ablack and white dog. We had nachos and popcorn and cotton candy. And I, of course, took a ton of pictures!! (which I will be posting soon)

The weekend was soooo fun! We needed to be able to get away and have fun. I, unfortunately, had a sore throat for the weekend but I had fun, too.

We were even able to get in intimate time to keep up with our intimacy challenge. Jennifer and I slept in a twin bed. How much more intimate can you get? We talked about our childhoods. We held each other close (and not just so the outside person didn't fall off teeheehee). We laughed. We might have shed a tear or two. And we just strengthened the bond between us as we discussed how we want our lives to go.



{Kimber} said...

sounds like a fun little trip!!

glad you got to reconnect with your friendly :)

Mama4Real said...

Wow. Anonymous is so insightful about your post! BAHAH.

Sounds like a fun get away! Have you started your new job? I'm kind of out of the loop.

Kellie said...

I'm happy you enjoyed my "beautiful" (ha) Cleveland! Cleveland has a lot more awesome things to do next time you visit your friend (for example, you MUST eat at Melt)!

Stay At Home Babe said...

Off topic: I just read in your profile that your favorite movie is the Last Unicorn. I have tried to have a conversation with so many people about that movie and they never know what I'm talking about. Score for you!!!